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    A currency that is virtual, moves from one person to another, and is independent of any central authority - this is Bitcoin, which is becoming increasingly popular with online gamblers. Since this currency is not regular money, it moves fast and usually without costs. This alone makes it a great choice for online gambling. However, there are risks to consider when looking into the various online Bitcoin casinos which offer their services in exchange for the virtual coins. While Bitcoins are legal, one has to be careful only to exchange them with legitimate services and sites, such as state registered e-wallets that sell the coins and special exchange services.

    What is Bitcoin? Watch this video guide to gain more insight.

    Playing with Bitcoins

    Once you get the hang of how to safely acquire and store your Bitcoins, you should be ready to start playing with them in Bitcoin Casinos that will accept them like any other currency. Since this currency is not official, it is very difficult for any law enforcement to get into the picture. This is great news for US casino players that have been hindered by recent anti-gambling laws. Since you can send the coins straight from one user to the other, without having to use a middleman or a payment service, the cost of transactions is greatly reduced. Many times there will be no fee at all when you withdraw or deposit Bitcoins at the casino of your choice.

    Risks to Consider

    The freedom of the virtual currency poses a risk that one must be aware of. When law enforcement and governments can't influence what happens with Bitcoin transactions, it also means that they are ripe for exploitation. You must learn how to store your coins properly, and never join a casino that is not tested and verified as legitimate and trustworthy. It is easy enough to set up a gaming site and claim that it is safe to join. If you lose your Bitcoins you will never see them again, and there is nothing to do about it, so it is up to you to do your research and to choose wisely.

    Finding the Right Bitcoin Casino

    Start by reading reviews of Bitcoin Casinos to determine whether they offer you the type of games that you are interested in. Casinos like mBitCasino.com are known to give you a great variety of games, and also to help you with the Bitcoin process (creating a wallet, obtaining coins, and so on). This is also a casino where you can play live dealer games using the virtual currency, which is pretty rare.

    The advantages of Bitcoin play are many, and you can rely on fast transactions, anonymity, great selection of games and safe payouts, as long as you pick Bitcoin Casinos with a great reputation and the aim to deliver a top notch online gaming experience.

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