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The name Fazi, which is the short version of Fazi d.o.o. & Triple Crown, is probably familiar to you if you've played in certain land-based or online casinos because they produce games for both. This is a business that has been in operation since first opening their doors way back in 1991, and their offices are located in Serbia. While they got into the online side of the industry a couple of decades after they first started running as a company, they produce great games in both spheres.

Land-based Exploits

The main thing that this company is recognized for in the land-based arena is their roulette cabinets. They've produced an extremely high-quality line of electronic roulette games that allow several people to play at the same wheel, and these have been popular in a lot of casinos. They're great for the casino themselves because it's a game that can run without dealers, and it's fun for players because it's easier to place bets, socialize and get in on the action without the game being slowed down for human dealers to reconcile all of the wagers and spin the wheel.

Online Titles

The vast majority of their online efforts have been towards slots. This makes complete and total sense because so much of the Internet casino industry is dominated by the slots genre. Their games can be found in a variety of casinos paired up with several different major software names because of the nature of the industry and how sites almost always combine titles from different providers now. Along these lines, even though they do have a good selection, their portfolio isn't relied on to completely carry a casino.

Integration With Other Software

One of the key aspects of their online operations has been that they aren't looking to be a fully fledged casino solution. Instead, they just want to produce games that are added on to whatever an existing site already has going on. Because they produce such high-quality material, it's relatively easy for them to secure these types of content distribution deals, and that gets their titles in front of a lot of new players while simultaneously providing casinos with great content. This makes it clear that these deals are win-win situations for both the players and the sites themselves.


The combination of land-based electronic roulette games and online slots might seem like a strange one, but Fazi makes it work in a big way. Their games are high-quality in both areas, and they have seen a good amount of success with both. If they were to expand into other types of games, we imagine that they would also do well in other sectors, but it doesn't seem like they're interested in doing that. Most of their development into new games seems focused on the online slot side of things, and we think that's probably a good idea considering that the market for them is always strong.

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