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truelab_gc_1We are looking at a company of skilled, educated, and creative people, who spend a lot of time exploring players' needs and desires, in order to create perfect slots. After we thoroughly examined TrueLab’s catalog of games, we can tell that the team's desire to bring something fresh to the iGaming industry, is pretty explicit. 

Game Selection

How to entertain a player, the question is how?

Millions of games out there, thousands of themes, dozens of features, and many resources spend years ago. This may be the most challenging time in the history of this business, to effectively keep the gamblers engaged. 

The Internet is filled with content, great gaming content, and people do consume it. But how to keep them coming back to YOUR game?

Well, TrueLab mixed up some fine ingredients and made a formula for triumph. Besides innovative, unique features, and an assortment of themes, they have a particular ace upon their sleeve; Magical graphics!

You know those intro videos in games usually skipped right?

Well, when you once play a TrueLab slot, you will never want to skip a second of that outstanding visual experience again.

Everything is excellent, including the slightest details such as winning lines animations. Yet, if we need to choose our favourite part of the visuals, we would opt for the shape of the central characters of each game. So carefully drawn, the quality of their appearance will blow you away. 

Players will enjoy looking at the beautiful Victoria Wild in the adventurous story placed in a stormy desert, or very simpatico Robby the Illusionist, a swordfish.

Besides amazing visuals, game features are quite appealing; Like a mixture of old and new ideas, TrueLab slots offers standard stuff like Free Spins, but expanding reels, multiple Wild symbols, Cascading Clusters, and other extra random features.

Mobile Gaming

truelab_gc_3Understanding that mobile devices, smartphones especially, are a big part of our lives now, the TrueLab team of developers created perfectly optimized content for mobile gaming. All the slots are running smoothly, these previously mentioned extraordinary graphics aren't losing any quality in portable mode, all the game features are available. Plainly said, the experience is absolutely the same as in Desktop mode. Only the screen is a bit smaller. 


One more example of well-packed knowledge and experience. 

Considering that is the “most wonderful time of the year” we recommend you try out Christmas Three, the slot with a good RTP value, amazing payouts, festive theme, and exciting cluster pay system. 

TrueLab is, to conclude, a software developer worth worldwide attention.

Creative concepts, supreme designs, and absolutely superb game graphics. The quality of artwork may be the main reason we love this developer as much as we do.

We enjoyed every single game we played; colourful, sharp, all in all – a lively experience.

But, do not trust our words, go and take a look for yourself. You have nothing to lose, considering that all slots are available in demo mode. The only thing you are risking is falling in love with some of TrueLab’s gaming compositions. 

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