Las Vegas Casinos

Viva Las Vegas!    Vegas, Baby!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

These slogans and others make our juices flow. There is no place like Vegas anywhere in the world.

The airport is much like any other, save the slot machines grouped throughout.Las Vegas Casinos

Pick up your luggage and grab a cab or a Hotel Shuttle. When you grab a cab, decide if you want to get to your room asap (ask for the freeway route) or take in the sights (ask to be driven along the Strip). Cabs are fairly inexpensive, but many still prefer the very inexpensive shuttles. With them you get a free sightseeing tour as you move on down the Strip and stop at various Hotels on the way.

No matter which Hotel you pick, when you enter through the front door you are in a different world. There is hustle and bustle, slot machines ching, happy winners shout, activity all around you.

Make your way to the reception, check in and see your room. Most Hotel rooms in Vegas are quite nice, from the small to the huge apartment like suites. A couple of Hotels are all suites. Play at a hotel for a while, and the next time you come you will get comps, like free nights or great discounts, free food and free play money. Some Hotel chains give comps more freely than others.

Regardless of what kind of room you have, you will be drawn downstairs to take in the sights. I always take a tour first - where are the restaurants, the bathrooms, what type of stores are there, what are the attractions. Every Hotel has it's special attractions, from period or theme events and exhibits through lions and tigers and botanical wonders. You can walk around in Paris, Venice, or New York, watch rare fish or wild animals, or all kinds of imaginative exhibits, depending on which Hotel you chose.

Perhaps you want to take in a show, most Hotels have world renowned artists performing every night. Acrobatics, music, comedy - it's all there.

Dining in Vegas can be the experience of a life time - the most famous chefs of the world have opened restaurants in the various Hotels. You will find any type of cuisine from anywhere in the world, prepared at it's finest. Not to mention the Buffets. Vegas is famous for it's lavish "all you can eat" buffets. These are generally quite inexpensive and the food is great. Never met anyone who didn't find lots of different foods there catering to their personal taste.

But of course you may want to gamble. Vegas has come a long way in what it has to offer in ways of games. Just in the last few years the number of different types of slots have exploded. Gone are the days of yore, where all slots had three reels and cherries and bars on them. The modern video slots rival those you can find in online casinos. They are full of surprises and most entertaining.

Of course poker has exploded and lots of tables are to be found in every casino. There are championships and tournaments in both poker and slots, and these have become a major draw.

There are a ton of other table games to enjoy also, Blackjack, Pai Gow, baccarat, Roulette and the list goes on and on.

Vegas has something for everyone, young and old, rich and poor, and whether you like to gamble or not. The offers by the different casinos are so varied, you'll want to come back again and again to explore it all. If any city can claim to be all things to all people, Vegas is it.

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