Problem Gambling

Are you a "Problem Gambler"? Do you have an addiction to gambling?

If you came to this page, chances are you do have a problem.

Gambling is a past time. It is entertainment like watching a movie or playing a video game. Like all entertainment, you need to budget for it and stay within your budget.

Gambling itself should be the focus, not really winning or losing. If you gamble because you think you can better your financial situation, you have a problem.

Casinos offer a wide variety of games for entertainment. Playing the games itself is fun and relaxing, and of course there is the chance you might hit something big. That chance is admittedly better than hitting the lottery, but it's still a pretty small chance.

So if you are playing to make money, you definitely have a gambling problem. Gambling means spending money on entertainment.

Most addictions are triggered by a feeling of well being, be that alcohol, nicotine, drugs, extreme sports, sex, chocolate, you name it. People become addicted to all sorts of things. In gambling, a nice win can start a succeptible person down the road of addiction.

Some of the warning signals of a destructive gambling habit are

If any of the above points apply to you, you should stop gambling.

Some of the steps to take to help you stop

Here are links to organizations that provide help to problem gamblers

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