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This Horse Racing section shows you how to place legal online wagers on horses through TwinSpires, which offers its players a way to bet on horses wherever he or she may be. TwinSpires is the official site of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, and offers legal horse racing betting online where players can legally wager on horses in venues all over the world.

Each year horse racing and online horse racing has become a more popular sport and betting on horses in some form of sports wagering, just the same. And players can virtually wager on nearly every horse through TwinSpires and their mobile home page, with a computer, an iPhone and iPad.

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Horse racing began when equestrians (people who ride on horseback) intensified their skills through games and races, which in turn became a sport that provided entertainment for crowds. Other equestrians perfected their horsemanship that was needed in battle, such as chariot racing in the ancient Olympics, or jousting and other forms of equestrian combat throughout the following years.

Throughout the centuries the popularity and preservation of equestrian sports, that would've otherwise have disappeared after horses stopped being used in combat, has turned into horse racing.

Horse racing in North America began in the United States, which dates back to 1665, when the first horse racetrack was constructed on Long Island, New York. The beginning of organized horse racing in the United States was in 1868 when the American Stud Book was started. In 1894, and after more than 300 horse tracks were operating, the American Jockey Club was formed. And the rest of the story on horse racing betting, is history.