Legal Online Horse Betting at TwinSpires

Legal online horse betting is out there, whether you’re ready to cash in on the Kentucky Derby or international horse races. Placing a legal horse racing wager online is not only possible, it’s the way of the future through TwinSpires.

Horse racing bets have been around almost as long as there were horse races (and let’s face it, probably before). It goes without saying that with the Internet and TwinSpires, getting access to those horse races is even easier, and so is placing a legal online horseracing wager.

We all know that the US Department of Justice has been doing a bit of witch-hunting lately for illegal gambling sites. It’s enough to make anyone nervous about wagering online. Luckily for us, however, legal online horse betting is very much a reality and in almost every single state in the United States.

TwinSpires, the official legal online horse betting site for the Churchill Downs and their incorporated tracks, is a trusted website where you can not only place your horse racing wager, but you can get as much information as you need to make a knowledgeable horse bet.

Powered by Brisnet, the Mecca of all statistical horse racing data, TwinSpires features everything from past performance statistics to live video feeds of races around the world. If you’re new to wagering online for horse races, you’ll love the how-to videos TwinSpires has put together. (Visit our TwinSpires horse racing review to learn more.)

This isn’t to say there aren’t other websites out there that can help you make your horse racing wager online; however, when it comes to racing horses, we prefer to deal with the best. And that’s pretty much anything Churchill Downs is willing to back with their full integrity. Sold.

Try legal online horse betting now!