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How do online slots work?

The symbols in online slots are quite random. The very second you click to spin, large, random numbers are generated and translated into slot reel positions. There are no real cycles of paying and taking, even though it may seem like it to you at times.

These random numbers are grouped into certain positions, and some of these positions are "weighted" by the software, so that they will come up more often than others. So the jackpot is hit a certain percentage of the time, and the payout's in general are set—often at 95%. So the online slot machine pays out all but 5% of the takes, and those 5% go to the casino. We recommend reading this article for a much deeper explanation of how slots work

Slots Strategy Articles

How to play to win!

There are no real "slots strategies". If somebody wants to sell you one, don't buy it. If there really was one, nobody would waste their time selling it. They'd be spinning the reels!

But some things can help you win. When playing online slot progressives, always play all the lines. The jackpots are only paid if you play the maximum bet! If you can't afford playing all the lines on one machine, find one with lower bets!

Theoretically, the non progressives are looser and the lower category wins there are higher than in jackpot slots. So, while most people prefer the slots progressives, and we deal mostly with them here, do not ignore this advantage the non-progressives can bring you.

Some slots have great bonus games you can win to play - we'll try to point those out to you. You can click on the casinos listed on our slots page, who have those slots and go right there to play them.

We list many different slots, where to play them and what their betting amounts and lines are. This will help you make better decisions as to what to play.

How to play online slots the smart way

There are so many different types of slots available online today, that playing slots isn't as simple as pulling a handle or pressing a button anymore.

You have one liners, two liners, three liners and 5 liners based on the old reel slots. Then you have video slots,progressives and feature slots, and these can have many lines, I think the most lines I have seen currently is 25.

There are also scatters, wild symbols and multipliers to add to your exitement and increase your winnings.

Also, some slots have winning lines start only on the left, while other will count your wining line also when it starts on the right.

Additionally you can choose how many lines you want to play and how many coins you want to play per line. With some slots you have to make a decision whether you want to gamble the win or collect it. And then there are the ones that are unit based to make the confusion complete.

So, what to do? How to play? Which slot suits you best? If you haven't played slots in some time, it can be downright confusing. Lately I have talked to an increasing number of players who are intimidated by the sheer number of available slots.

Microgaming has by far the largest number of slots, but RTG has recently started to add to their collection, and Playtech has some very nice slots now too. Emerging is Boss software with some really fun and entertaining feature slots, and all of these software groups have more to come. Slotland stands by itself with some intricate and unique slots.

Well, we will try to clear up the confusion here and make you the most savvy of slot players.

In Games and Casino's online Slots area, you will find a complete breakdown of all the online slots by software. You can find a review for each slot. In our online Slot Winners section, you will find a collection of winning slot pictures along with short stories of how they were won. You can even add your own winning experiences!

In our New Slots section, you will find all the new slots reviewed—and some even before they come out! In our online slots articles we have a series of articles that will help you make the smartest choices possible when embarking on your journey through modern day slot games. I recommend that you read ALL of the articles, because some of the information overlaps but is presented only once.