Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot Amounts

Progressive jackpots grow all the time. They start with a base amount and the amount is different for each progressive slot. I have seen online jackpots worth one and a half Million US Dollars. Some of the Progressive slots also have features built in to make it more fun.

Always Play Max Lines or All the Lines

If you don't play all the lines on progressive online slots, you cannot win the Jackpot. If you can't afford to play all the lines, make sure you can reduce the amount of the bet by choosing a lower coin size and/or by betting fewer coins per line.

If that still doesn't do the trick for you, find a progressive slot that has a lower betting amount. I think the lowest is in the Tanzamunni slot game with 25¢ bets.

Which Progressive has better chances of winning?

Check the front page of online casinos for the jackpot most likely to pop. This is calculated by the average amount at which the jackpot is triggered and how much higher than this average it is now, as well by as the average number of days after which it pops, and how much time has passed now.

This pot is the pot most likely to pop next - but again, you are dealing with something very random, so it may not pop yet. Still, your odds of winning are better with these jackpots.

The Highest Online Jackpot

Whether you want the pot with the best odds or the one that lets you win the most money, it's a quick stop on your way to the casino. For more info on all your favorite Jackpot slots, go to the software of your favorite casino in our online slots section, and then click on jackpot tickers for current jackpot amounts.

Random Jackpots

These Jackpots are also progressive, but they do not pop when you hit a certain combination of symbols on a certain payline. These pots hit completely randomly, you can win them at any time, regardless of the results of your spin.