Plain Video Slots

Number of Lines

Plain video slots have no scatters or features. The number of lines ranges from 5, to many more than five. One way top tell a video slot from a reel slot is that the images on the video slot fill the entire slot window. Most of the slots in casinos today are video slots.

Direction of Win Lines

Winning lines usually go from left to right, but on some video slots they also go from right to left.

Number of Lines to Bet

For maximum wins, always bet on all available lines. It feels just awful when you have hit a top win - but you happen not to have bet on that line. If you can't afford to bet on all lines for the specific slot you want to play, either adjust the number or size of coins or find a similair slot with lower betting amounts.

Size of Coins to Bet

In many slots you can adjust the size of the coins you bet. This can range from pennies to dollar amounts.Together with the number adjustments you can customize each slot to exactly fit your budget while still betting on all the lines for maximum wins.

Number of Coins to Bet

Now let's say you have decided to bet on all the lines, and you are betting 5 cent coins. You can still make more adjustments and bet one or more coins per line.

Fixed Amounts

Some slots have fixed amounts you bet.Then your only decision is whether you can afford to play this slot or not.