Slots Dictionary

This Slot Dictionary page was set up for online slots players, where they could come and check up on the slot terms used by many online sites, and online casino sites as well. To find the slots terminology that may have you baffled, take a look below to find its meaning and/or usage, found in some slot reviews or players on the internet.

Online Slots Terms

1-Liner - A slot with one reel only, line up 3 identical symbols to win.

2-Liner - A slot with two reels. Line up 3 identical symbols to win, 6 symbols to win double.

3-Liner - A slot with 3 reels. Line up 3 identical symbols to win.

5-Liner - A slot with 3 reels. Winning lines are three horizontal and two diagonal ones. Any one line can win, or all can win.

Betting Units - Usually you bet a certain size of coin, like 10 cents. Then you can decide how many of these you want to bet per line. Some of the newer slots bet per unit and not per coin value. So one Dollar will look like 100 units when you look at your balance on the left. When you increase the value to two dollars, you will see the change in your balance on the left.

Bonus Symbol - These symbols usually trigger a bonus feature on a feature slot. They are marked "bonus" and can appear anywhere. It takes 3 or more bonus symbols to trigger a feature.

Coin Size - In many slots you can pick the size of coin you want to bet - The choices can vary from one cent to one dollar and more. Combine coin size with number of coins to create your personal, perfect amount to bet on each spin.

Cold Slots - These slots are said to pay out less freequently, or to be in a current cycle of not paying out. Some slots are labeled such because they pay out few but large wins, others are just currently "streaky".

Feature Slot - These entertaining slot games have one or more features that are triggered by hitting 3 or more scatters or bonus symbols.

Fixed Value Slots - There are many slots where you cannot adjust the amount yuou bet per spin. Coin size, number of coins and number of lines cannot be adjusted here.

Hot Slots - A slot is said to be hot when it is either in a cycle of paying out a lot, or it is a type sloy that pays out many small wins rather than a few large ones.

Jackpot - Most of the old reel slots have standatd Jackpots, usually won when three specific symbols appear in one line. The amount of these Jackpots is set. Also look at "progressive Jackpots" and "random Jackpots" for additional types of Jackpots.

Multiplier - Some slots have a wild symbol that acts as a multiplier. These are usually, but not always, reel slots. If your winning line contains one of these symbols, you generally collect twice the win. 2 wild symbols could pay 4 times the win, and 3 wild symbols on a reel slot usually get the jackpot.

Number of Coins - Many slots will let you choose how many coins you want to bet on each line. Thois lets you adjusy bets exactly to your budget. If you choose the coinsize of one cent, and you bet one coin on each of 25 lines, you will play for 25 cents per spin. Adjust either the coin size or number to get your perfect amount, but always play all the lines.

Number of Lines - Video slots can have lots of paylines. You need to click on the "paytable" for the specific slot to see how all the paylines go. Generally, 3 or more identical symbols on a payline wil constitute a win.

Payline—Paylines - Slots can have one payline or many. I think currently the highest number of paylines is 25. Always play all lines for maximum wins.

Pay Table—Paytable - Online slot games have pay tables available. Click on it and you will see the exact winning amount for each symbol, as well as the design of paylines.

Payout Percentages - The payout percentage (often averaging 95% in slots) indicates the amount of money recycled into wins after each spin.

Progressive Slot - These slot games have a Jackpot that keeep increasing in value until someone wins it. These jackpots are won by hitting a predetermined exact symbol distributed on a specific payline.

Random - Slots at all reputable online and offline casinos are random. They are periodically tested and certified for randomness. Please pick casinos from a site that screens them for reputation, such as this site, to make sure you are not playing a rigged game.

Random Jackpot - This jackpot is not triggered by a certain combination of symbols, but happens randomly. It could be won by anyone at anytime, without rhyme or reason.

Rigged - Rigged is a common expression for games that re not performing according to random standards. You can avoid playing at casinos with rigged games by choosing them from a site that screens the casinos it lists.

Scatter Symbol - These symbols are usually marked "scatter" and camn appear anywhere to win. 3 scatters usually trigger a feature. In some slots, 2 scatters will pay twice the amount you bet.

Streaky Slots - Players will call a slot "streaky" if it appears to go through cycles of paying out and not paying out. While this does happen and can be documented, it is still completely random at all reputable casinos, both online and offline.

Video Slot - A slot without visible reels. Most of today's slots are Video Slots.

Weight - All slot games, online or offline, are weighted to hit certain symbols more often than others. That way you can win many smaller wins while trying for the big Jackpot. This is controlled by agencies that audit the rendomness of the slots. Do not reply to spam from your mailbox. Pick a reputable site that screens the casinos for you.

Wild Symbol - A wild symbol can substitute for other symbols if on a payline. Usually wild symbols can substitute for all otjher symbols, but occasionally they will apply only to a certain category of symbols. You will find this info by clicking on the paytable.