• Slot Machines: How to Win

    This article on Slot Machines and How to Win will describe, in detail, what you need to do to win big on slot machines. Or it would, if only it were that easy.

    If we had a quarter every time we were asked (or wished ourselves) how to consistently win on slot machines…we would have several more quarters to play and pull the lever.

    You probably know as well as we do that playing slot machines is one part the experience of physically playing and one part the experience of winning. The excitement of unlocking the potential of each spin by pulling a lever, clicking a button, or just watching the reels on auto-play is invigorating and sometimes (although some would say not quite enough) rewarding.

    As far as the player experience is concerned, there is almost nothing a player can do to coax a slot machine to fork over a guaranteed win. It’s one thing if you have a warm up routine: a certain way to select a game or a particular machine, a special dance before you start to play, a rub of the ol’ rabbit’s foot. It’s another to believe whole-heartedly that there is an actual truth or power to such routines or charms.

    Don’t believe us? We didn’t think you would. We feel it’s our duty to give you a list of debunked slot machine myths as researched and described by the American Gaming Association (who is really just looking out for your best interests).

    • Slot machines get “hot”: Slot machines are as random as random gets. They can no more promise a winning streak after a long cold spell than they can tell your fortune or cook you a hot dog.
    • Slot machines change winning percentages based on wagers: The amount wagered has no effect on the outcome of the game. Random is as random does. That being said, you may enjoy the game a bit longer if you didn’t blow it all on two spins.
    • You can tell a slot machine’s odds of winning by looking at it: The RNG (Random Number Generator) works behind the scene to generate multiple numbers per visible symbol, thereby creating an almost infinite number of combinations, winning and otherwise.

    This isn’t to say you should take all the “romance” out of playing slots. If you have a rabbit’s foot or a chicken wing that has never failed to help you bring in the big payouts, who are we to suggest it’s worthless? (But, we just suggest keeping that little secret to yourself).

    The truth of the matter is the only way to increase your chance of winning big on a slot machine is to sit down and play it. After all, your odds of winning go down substantially if you never place a bet.