Coin-Based Slots

I don't play a great deal of slots at the online casinos, but I do enjoy them from time to time to take a break from my normal games and take a shot at a big jackpot. I decided to try a new game the other day and was confused when I started playing by the credits it showed I had when I started playing.

If you are a veteran of online slots, you will probably find this whole discussion a bit silly, but if you are one of the many recreational slots players like myself, this may save you a little time and confusion. I also did a little investigating and found many slots games operate this same way.

I decided to play for .25 a line and put $100 in the machine. I always check the credits when I start playing to make sure it shows the correct amount and I was surprised to see it show 400 credits. I switched to .50 a line and it now showed I had 200 credits.

My first thought was "What the heck is going on here?"

Well, it turned out to be very simple after I looked into it. This slot machine was a "coin" based game. Here is a short explanation of what this means.

In a coin based slots game, whatever amount you deposit is converted to coins based on the amount you choose to bet per line when you put money in. So if you are wagering $1 per line, your credits will show the amount you put in.

If you are playing for .25 a line, like I was, it will show four times the amount you put in, because there are four quarters in a dollar and this is the number of coins you have to play with. The explanation of this in the help file at the casino was; Number of coins times coin size bet = amount in credits.

Once you are finished and withdraw your credits from the machine, they are converted back to dollars. So if you are playing for .25 a line and have 100 credits, you will have $25 when you exit the slot machine.

To display this process for a "quick glance chart" here are the steps.

  1. Money is converted into coins when you start playing.
  2. Coins are converted back to money when you stop playing.

Here is a list of slot conversion factors for coin-based online slots.

Amount Deposited Amount played per line Coins
$100 0.01 10,000
$100 0.05 2,000
$100 0.1 1,000
$100 0.25 400
$100 0.5 200
$100 1 100
$100 5 20
$100 10 10
$100 25 4
$100 10 1