Romancing the Reels: Slot Machine Myths

This article on Romancing the Reels: Slot Machine Myths will explain how slot machines work and how "romancing the reels" may not help you win while playing them. Well, basically because they run on Random Number Generators (RNG's).

The Random Real Number Generator (aka, Random Number Generator—RNG) is constantly cycling through millions of number combinations, ready at any point to be virtually stopped. But the only way to create a virtual stop is to press a button or pull a lever.

The results of a slot machine “spin” are actually determined at the start of the game, not at the end.The suspense of the spinning reels is for your entertainment benefit, and has nothing to do with the actually outcome of the game.

Every time you go to play online slots or a slot machine at a casino, the above happens. Each play is what the industry calls an “independent event”, meaning the result has not been influenced by or has any bearing on past or future events.

This is hard news for some folks to hear. We feel you. We don’t want to believe it either. But it’s true. None of the following have any impact on the outcome of a slot machine:

The above applies to mechanical, video, online, and mobile slot games; and really any casino game that features random, independent events (like roulette or craps).

All in all, there is little-outside of cheating or performing your own Oceans 13 casino heist-you can do to influence the result of a slot machine. As long as you remember the slot machine’s real purpose-entertainment-then you can appreciate a win and a loss for what they are: randomly generated moments.