How to Beat a House Advantage

There are scores of resources on the Internet, including our very own at Games and Casino, which define and describe the omniscient presence of The House Advantage. It’s not a myth; each and every casino, no matter how nice and wonderful, is out to make a sucker of you. Every game on the floor is set to make sure that the longer you play, the more money you’ll lose.

To some, this sounds depressing. To others, a welcome challenge.

Since you’ve read this far, we’ll assume you are part of the latter group. You’re confident there is a way around this so-called “house advantage”. You’re a skilled card player or a gambler that has a way with slot machines—surely there is a way to beat these wretched odds.

Short of cheating, which we can’t recommend on any level since it besmirches the games we love and the regulated integrity we trust, we only know of one certifiable way to beat the house on every single game it offers.

Play responsibly.

That’s it. That’s what we at Games and Casino like to call The Player Advantage. If you bet against the house and win back what you lost and then some, you have the advantage.

Recognized your win, for the against-all-odds awesomeness that it is. And then proceed. Walk away. Or, if all you came to do was have fun, extend your play for a few more games (or as far as it goes).

Just remember: The House will lord over nearly every decision you make while you are on their turf. Games are attractive, the energy is electric, the chairs are comfortable, and time has all but disappeared. The House is a powerful thing and all it needs to do is, wait.
Luckily, though, the House can only take what you give it.