Original Reel Online Slots

Original reel slots: The reason so many have fruit themes is that they were illegal to play for real money in some places, and so you would win fruit Candy if they hit. If you would like to know when classic slots were invented, visit our article on the History of Slots.

One Line Slots

The one liners are the old standby slot machines: Even with all the new fangled slots available, they still hold their attraction and that is why so many of them are still available. Many avid slot players always play a few spins on a one liner - often it's a quick hit and an easy $30 or so.

Two Line Slots

Two line slots are much the same as the one liners, but they have more opportunities to hit.Really, that is usually counteracted either by the "weight" of the slot (i.e. how often certain combinations are set to occur) or by the size of the win (like the $30 win of the one liner will be only $15 here).

Three Line Slots

And now you have a third chance to hit something. Each time you add a line you add some suspense - more of the "almost" hits, the "if only" syndrome where the combination is just a tiny bit off the "big one".

Five Line slots

Now you are really starting to have a lot of opportunities to hit. You have the three horizontal wheels and a cross over them. Each of these five lines can produce a hit. This is the most intricate of the original reel slots, and it is also the most popular.

There are places like SLOTLAND online casino that have taken the reel slots to new heights - you should go there and give them a good look. They have all their slots based on the reel versions, and they have added all kinds of neat features; many of which are completely unique and unequaled anyplace on the net.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols occur in many slots, and they tend to complete a win when they appear in any line that has two or more of the same symbols in a row.


Some of the reel slots have multipliers - Usually this is the wild symbol. If it appears once in your winning line you get twice the win, if it appears twice you get 4 times the win, and 3 times and you hit the jackpot, for example.