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img-1 (1)In the competitive world of iGaming, one of the main priorities of software providers is to come up with something new, provide players with a new perspective on online gambling, and become recognizable and respected for their products. Innovative slot mechanics, unusual design, fresh themes... software producers use all their weapons in order to beat the tough competition.

What makes Amigo Gaming stand out on the online gambling scene?

As they state on their official website, Amigo Gaming understands the needs of modern players and creates content accordingly. Furthermore, researching the market, that is, different markets, is their specialty, and they develop slot machines in accordance with the cultural characteristics of the targeted markets. The result, after extensive research into the culture and traditions of players from certain parts of the world/ iGaming markets, is attractive slot machines that thematically belong to the given location.

Company background

If you are not very good with Spanish, we’ll give you a hand- the word Amigo in English means friend. Well, a group of friends got together in the desire to make their contribution to the iGaming industry, and bring joy to active players around the world with new content, and created the Amigo Gaming Company. Each of the friends has extensive experience in the industry, and together, at the main office in Barcelona, they are trying day and night to come up with new ways to animate online gamblers. As we mentioned, members of the brand consider market analysis a key task, and devote a lot of time to researching the markets, and the demands and needs of the players in each of the markets.

Speaking about markets...

Amigo Gaming emphasizes that it cooperates exclusively with markets that are fully licensed. It markets its content through partnerships with other operators, and the integration of content directly on online gaming platforms around the world.

Featured partnerships

Since 2020, when the company was founded, the reputation of the Amigo Gaming brand has been on an upward trajectory, which was greatly influenced by partnerships with prestigious iGaming studios.

Some of the outstanding collaborations include the aggregation with the leading company Slotgregator, current from 2021. Thanks to this collaboration, Amigo Gaming was able to penetrate new markets and present its work to online players in new parts of the world.

In cooperation with Salsa Technology, Amigo Gaming broke into Latin American markets, consolidating the company's status among clients from this part of the globe.

In 2022, this Spanish company launched its products in the Balkans, specifically in the Republika Srpska, all thanks to the titles Blazin Crown and Hot100, which gained enormous popularity in the Republika Srpska, otherwise part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the signed contracts is one with BetMexico, one of the leading slot companies in Mexico. This significant collaboration resulted in greater availability of Amigo Gaming slots, which in a short time became a hit among Mexican online gamblers. Among the favorite games Mexicans single out are Gold of Mermaid and Elephant Splash.

Game Selection

img-2 (1)Let's start with the quantity of content. Amigo Gaming has several dozen authentic slot titles in its collection. We emphasize that all online casino content of this company is in the form of slots; the brand does not create table games or live casino games.

The number of available games is quite satisfactory…

Considering that the company has been operating for only a few years. In other words, Amigo Gaming did not make major breaks in production, which could affect the drop in popularity on the market, but regularly released fresh slot titles, thus maintaining the attention of both clients and players.

As for the graphic quality of the content offered…

Amigo meets the highest criteria of the iGaming industry, especially in terms of visuals. Each title from the collection offers flawless graphics accompanied by excellent animations. What is also very important is that the visuals are very authentic, so players will easily recognize the Amigo Gaming slot in a sea of others.

Many themes covered

With its slot achievements, Amigo covers many genres and pleases clients belonging to different markets, that is, cultural backgrounds. Several titles deal with historical figures, and we have slots like Vasco De Gama, the legend of Zeus, as well as the one with Nostradamus. Space in the gaming library is also occupied by games designed for the Latin American market, such as Monkey and Fiesta De Los Muertos. A special collection is also made up of traditional fruit machines, which apparently faithfully imitate the famous land-based one-armed bandits. Although they belong to classic slot machines, Amigo Gaming's traditional titles come with a modern twist in design, mostly in the form of unusual backgrounds, and audio selection atypical for such games.

Common slot features

The company promises exciting gameplay, which is supported by a variety of features. In most games, players have available standard sets such as Wilds, Scatters, and multipliers, enhanced with Extra Spins and Sticky symbols. However, in addition to the current in-game boosters, available in many modern slot creations by different software developers, Amigo Gaming has also implemented its own, ideas, so the Pin Win bonus can be activated in some titles. This bonus, the signature mark of Amigo Gaming brings an extra level of excitement to the traditional gameplay. It is completely unique and cannot be activated in slots that are not created under the Amigo brand.

From the Amigo Gaming slot catalog, we highlight...

Elephant Splash

This tropical adventure is set somewhere on the wild beaches of Asia. The soothing theme and appropriate music accompanying this story are in contrast with exciting features, which include one of the players’ all-time favorites - Extra Spins. The game has a standard 5x4 format and takes place over 30 paying lines. A sufficient number of collected Elephant symbols can bring players gigantic rewards up to x3000 bet!

Carnevale di Venezia

The slot inspired by the famous Italian city on the water, the city of love and romance, offers high volatility gameplay with a max win potential of up to x2000 bet that players can achieve with Stacked Wilds and a bonus game. A graphically superior title, after all, like all other Amigo Gaming studios, Carnevale di Venezia offers authentic Venetian symbols, as well as a breathtaking background of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Gold of Mermaid

Amigo invites its players to search the depths of the sea where the Gold of Mermaid is hidden. This sea-inspired slot is packed with special features, making it one of the most exciting in the software developer's slot collection. Wilds, Scatters, Extra Spins, and the Pin Win bonus that opens a new Golden Treasure Chest game that can result in winning one of the three jackpots, promise a very engaging slot session.

Player-friendly games

In addition to all the already given compliments on Amigo Gaming machines, we would like to add a positive comment about the functionality of these machines. Each slot has all useful functions, including AutoPlay and Turbo Play buttons, unique design solutions for betting scales, but also the possibility of translating each of the games into over 20 languages! We also add that every game is equipped with detailed information about gameplay, rules, as well as ways to activate special features.

It may be somewhat unnecessary to add, but we emphasize that all games are constructed on the HTML5 platform, which makes them fully optimized for mobile play. Whether you are a user of the Android or iOS platform, the content of Amigo Gaming will be available in full, so with all the features and bonus games and other functions available in the Desktop version. It is not necessary to own a state-of-the-art device, but a phone or tablet that is categorized as smart, that is, it connects to the Internet, either through mobile data or a WiFi network.

To sum it up…

img-3 (1)We advise you to try out Amigo Gaming slots if you haven't already. Without having to place a real money wager, you may test their content in demo mode. Although still a minor brand in comparison to industry heavyweights, this one is still worth paying attention to since it offers a variety of themes, beautiful aesthetics, well-equipped machines, and special and exclusive features.

In addition, we believe this brand deserves credit also because it was able to develop a distinctive collection that stood out above others, which are maybe similar in theme. By doing this, Amigo Gaming gives its content a stylish branding and distinguishes it from the material coming from competing software developers.

On the official website of this Barcelona-based company, players can find out all about the news related to Amigo Gaming, and if anyone needs to contact the company, they can do it in several ways; in addition to e-mail communication, the brand encourages socialization with players through popular networks, thus they have active profiles on all modern platforms.

Finally, there is praise for constant progress, winning new markets, and concluding new partnerships. We believe, primarily thanks to the excellent selection of slot machines, that this positive growth in the iGaming market will continue in the future.

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