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Player engagement with the games that are available in online casinos, especially with online slots, is extremely important to the success of a software company. We have to assume that this is why Kalamba Games has made it the centerpiece of their development strategy, and it's hard to argue with the quality of the results.

This company has offices in Malta and Poland, and they were first founded in 2016. In the time they have been open for business, they've developed a relatively small but incredibly solid portfolio while pushing the envelope on the back-end as well.

HTML5-focus for Increased Compatibility

On the technical side of things, all of their titles and software are developed in HTML5. This is a critical part of their forward-thinking strategy that leaves them ahead of companies that are still developing in Adobe Flash because Flash is being phased out while HTML5 allows a better usage of device resources. What that means is that you can use the HTML5 platform to produce games that are not only more flexible across multiple devices but that also performs better with the same amount of system resources when compared to Flash.

What an HTML5 focus also allows for is less time put into developing multiple versions of the same game. The same HTML5 title can run on both desktops and mobile devices because of the way the game scaling and controls can be set up, and that means more time left over to increase the quality of their offering and the variety of games they have available in general.

About Their Team

The team for Kalamba Games includes everything from artists to developers who have a ton of experience and a cohesive vision for the types of products they want to put out there. The thing to understand about a team like this is that the leadership has to be solid as well for things to all go in the same direction, and that's exactly what they have running the show since the founder is also the CEO.

The quality of the games that this developer puts out is a direct result of the quality of the people there combined with a vision for putting player engagement with their titles above all else, which is a bit different of an approach that many developers have because they'll often focus on other metrics like how good their games look or packing more features into a game than the other guys.


With Kalamba Games, players will always be sure to get high-quality titles to pick from. While they focus primarily on slots, their titles can be found in casinos alongside a variety of different genres of games from plenty of different developers. They like being on this type of grand stage because it allows them to be compared with the best of the industry, and this is the type of competition that brings out the best in everyone.

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