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quickspin_casino_software_reviewThe story of Quickspins starts in 2011 with an aim to create games that players will love. Easier said than done, but as the years have shown they’ve had quite some success in their chosen task. Like many other iGaming giants, this one too has its roots in Sweden. The base in Stockholm has long since expanded to include online casinos all around the world.

The company is specialised in online slots, and on high-quality when it comes to that. They release a handful of games each year, available and compatible with all platforms and devices. Quickspin holds several gaming licences and also offers a strong software suite that includes all sorts of promotional tools. If you’re not familiar with the company and their games yet, it’s about time you get to know them.

As of 2016 Quickspin has been part of Playtech.

Licences and Security

European gaming licences are amongst the best in the world, and generally the ones that offer the best protection and security for the player. Quickspin has acquired several of these, such as the Maltese, Alderney, Swedish and UK gaming licences. These licences are either directly from the company itself, or through the parent company Playtech. One of these would be enough to guarantee safety and security, and more than two means you don’t ever have to worry about such details when playing these online slots.

Promotional Tools and Game Events

the_slots_in_a_nutshellThe cornerstone of success for these online slots lies not only in the games themselves, but also in the software that surrounds them. In this case, that means the ability for the online casinos to offer all sorts of all sorts of bonuses and other promotional incentives. On top of this, Quickspin has added achievements and game events. These are something that can be tied further into loyalty clubs and other such programs. In short, it adds quite a bit of something for players that like to enjoy something else than just mere spins. Especially for games that you love and play long-term.

The Slots in a Nutshell

Rather than summarise the bonus features, paylines, themes or reel setups available it’s perhaps best to describe how the typical slot from Quickspin is created. The company publishes from one to two online slots per month. These have usually been in the production pipeline for months already, as the company always operated with a long term plan.

The actual production is a combination of hard design, whose aim is to thrill, entertain and engage the players. For audio and graphics, nothing but the best will do, as you can check out yourself by trying any of their slots. Finally, the wins must be high or otherwise fit the variance perfectly. It’s a package that you shouldn’t miss.

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