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The name Reflex Gaming might sound familiar if you've been around the online slot world for a while because they have some pretty good games that have gotten serious attention in the industry as a whole. They're located in Nottinghamshire, England, and they have a license to operate from the United Kingdom. This gives them a serious leg up in the industry because the UK license is so important compared to licenses from other jurisdictions.

Land-based Games

First and foremost, this company is known for their pub machines and other video terminals where they have tons of games available to players. While this includes slots, it also includes plenty of arcade-style games, and they also offer titles in the bingo sector. This is a bit wider range of material than we see from most companies who also produce online slots, and that's definitely something that has helped them to think "outside of the box" when it comes to giving players great opportunities with different kinds of games that they have produced for the Internet environment.

A Focus on Mobile

With as long as they have been around, Reflex Gaming has seen the evolution towards mobile gaming, and they're right on board with it. All of their online slot titles can be played using tablets or smartphones or other mobile devices, and that's one of the key things that has positioned them to become stronger and stronger in the online sector. Many casinos are reporting that a majority of their slot volume comes from mobile fans, and that percentage is only getting larger each year. By focusing on mobile from early on, they've staked out a serious claim in a serious part of the overall industry.

Game Quality

For Internet players, most of this company's focus is on slots, and that's understandable considering the state of the industry and how little value there is for these companies to produce table games at this point in how things have unfolded. We're fans of companies who focus on quality over quantity, but they seem to actually focus on both, and they put out several new titles each year as a result.

Even with that, however, the quality of their games cannot be denied. They have extremely crisp graphics with many different visual styles, and they provide plenty of variety when it comes to gameplay as well. You can get different types of experiences depending on which games of theirs you're playing, and that means there are most likely at least a few titles in their portfolio that you'll absolutely love.


Reflex Gaming is a company that definitely knows what they're doing, and the success they have seen is indicative of that. From the pub to the online casino, their quality-based focus has put them in a position for many players to have their favorite titles come from this developer. Between that and their strategic entry into various regulated markets, they have a steady expansion that gets their titles in front of more and more players on a regular basis, so there's plenty of reason to assume their level of popularity will just keep getting bigger and bigger.

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