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Konami CasinoKonami is a Japanese conglomerate, with decades of experience producing top-rated video games. They are truly a legend in this field, and their games have been made into movies, comic books, and whatnot. Slot games are a lesser-known part of their portfolio, which is quickly gaining more and more popularity amongst players and online casinos of the world.

The company itself was founded in 1969, and they have over half-a-century of experience producing all sorts of games and entertainment for national and international audiences. The company still holds headquarters in Tokyo, though today they also have subsidiaries all over the world. Slots are not their mainstay, though they have been pouring a lot of resources in this market as well.

The long history of Konami

As said, it was over 50 years ago that Konami first started operating. The company has produced pretty much everything related to entertainment, and with considerable success. Anime, trading cards, video games, arcade games, slot machines, and many other things are part of the selection of products. The company originally began operations as a jukebox repair company.

During these years the company has spread throughout the world. Their presence in Japan is firmly established, and the company is very well known throughout the world. In fact, the video game business seems to be entirely managed from the US offices these days. Officially, they probably have offices in more countries than any other gaming company. 

All of these things mean that the company has extensive experience from everything related to the iGaming industry. They also have the almost exclusive experience of producing pachislots. So how do their slots fare?

Games, systems and services

Just like with other industries, the company is present throughout the whole iGaming industry. They produce games and software and provide services such as customer support. Their games are aimed both at land-based casinos and the online sphere. The former is their main market area, which is no surprise given their long history with video gaming terminals and arcade games.

Konami slots for the online sphere are a combination of pachislots and traditional slots. However, it’s easy to see that most of the influence comes from land-based slots. This is evident in the graphics, it is evident in the wins, and it is evident in the special features. Luckily, it seems that lately, the company has been investing in more modern production values, finally catching up with the more modern companies.

There are a lot of high volatility slots in the mix, plus quite a few that offer bonus games as their main special feature. For people who love jackpots, the games offer a perfect mix of big wins and fast action.

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