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intro (10)The story about this brand is rather long and complicated, so we will try to put it as simple as possible; the company started working way back in 1932, under the name Bally. Four years after the launching, in 1936, the first slot machine was presented. Unfortunately, World War II ruined the further development of the company, so, until 1963, the brand didn’t mark any bigger successes. Then, a breakthrough happened: their first three-reel slot machine entered the gambling industry. Finally, a decade later, in 1974, Bally rebranded into SG Interactive, so officially, that was the first time that the gambling community heard the name SG Interactive.

Long story short, presently, SG Interactive is a branch of Scientific Games, one of the most successful iGaming companies. As we mentioned, the history of this gambling establishment is pretty turbulent, and often very hard to understand; lots of different names and different directors, but one thing remains the same- talent for creating premium land-based and online casino content.

When the company just started operating, the WORD Internet didn’t exist yet...

And online gambling wasn’t even in people's wildest dreams. Back then, SG Interactive was known as an expert in making land-based machines and products such as lottery, and slots and they were much respected for what they were bringing to the rising gambling communities. Simply, their creations were something special, modern and innovative, and with every new release, this company became more influential and admired, until it climbed to the top of the land-based software development business.

Time went by, and the trends in gambling started to change.

If you want to remain successful, you must take care of the needs of the consumers. Soon after SG Interactive got into the hands of Scientific Games, a new era in the world of gambling started to unravel. The revolution of online, “on the go” entertainment easily found its admirers: all those people, players, who appreciate convenience and freedom of movement. The SG’s developers’ team turned to create online slot machines and table games, accessible, fun, and easy to use. Today, decades after the company first introduced itself to the gambling world, SG Interactive is present in nine different countries and offers a wide diversity of content, available in multiple online and offline casino markets.

Game Selection

game_selection (17)You can change the course of your path, a bit if needed, but the goal always remains the same. To this very day, SG Interactive stayed faithful to its first purpose: to create supreme quality land-based products. This is the reason why their online gaming library isn’t packed like it some would expect it to be, after so many active years in the business.

But, quality should always be more important than quantity, and SG has no problem making stunning games. Creativity is the middle name of this brand's developing team, and after taking a glimpse inside their gaming catalog, you will understand why we said this; so many different themes and motifs, ranging from classical slot machines to modern motifs such as neon slots, or movie-inspired. Smooth graphics, unique symbols, and great tunes are what you can expect if you decide to take a shot with SG Interactive releases. Special features contain casino spins, Wilds, Scatters, while the betting range is satisfactory for both high rollers, and low-stakes gamblers. 

Table games seekers will also find joy.

Numerous popular card and table games are available under the brand SG Interactive. Besides Blackjack and Roulette, the two casinos' “must-haves”, gamblers have the opportunity to play Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and more.

Mobile Gaming

An urgent update needed! SG Interactive, a brand that follows the trends and needs of the iGaming industry, still has problems with mobile compatibility. Unfortunately, in this department, SG is a bit slow. Not all the games are adapted to run on small-screen devices, so if you are a fan of remote gambling, and you like what you heard about this brand, choose wisely- just a handful of their games are available on mobile phones and tablets. 


All in all, SG Interactive deserves respect. Some issues aside, this company is a true big shot in the gambling business. They are successful in both land-based and online fields and appreciated among gamblers from all parts of the world.

Just a friendly advice, though. Spare some time to fix the mobile availability thing.

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