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introBulletproof Games is a brand established in 2015, in the United Kingdom. 

The founders of the brand, Craig Ball and Michael Bullock, are veterans of the iGaming industry, with decades of hard work behind them. 

Bulletproof Games is on a great road to becoming one of the most popular game developers and suppliers in the business.

The establishment is making first-class slots for its players, but producing titles for other companies; Bulletproof Gaming is a consulting agency and a producer of contracted games

Contracted Games

You might be wondering what these are. 

Well, Bulletproof is creating content for other brands, following their wishes regarding design, characteristics, game features, everything. Other companies, clients, tailor a whole idea, and Bulletproof makes it happen. 

These services are becoming the direct effect of the massive industry growth; New brands need content, first-class gaming, and they need it fast. The time when things are developing slowly, naturally, is long gone. These days, businesses are exploding overnight. Take that the iGaming machinery is on fire for years, new brands don’t have time for gradual development.

Companies like Bulletproof can save the day and create games for third-party clients. When it comes to producing titles for others, BG develops not only slots but table games, as well. When you look inside their gaming products, you will see that they made much more titles for their clients than for their players.

Game Selection

game_selection (4)Interestingly, Bulletproof, under their name, is developing only slots.

The number of fruit machines they created isn’t large, yet, the existing titles are all attractive and different from the ones you usually find while browsing through an online casino catalog. 

For instance, Blackbird and Hunters Moon slots look like a fuse of classic slots and modern designs with extravagant features. 5-reel formats, classic design, but boosted with unique symbols and multiple bonus features. You never know what to expect while playing Bulletproof Games slots; while many other producers barely manage to incorporate Free Spins, here you have available not one type of free spin games, but in some slots, up to five! 

Bulletproof developers push that invisible feature line, which many creators don’t dare to cross. Increased winning possibilities, colorful graphics, and unpredictable boosters; slots are rather distinctive, easy to be recognized among lots of others. 


So far, so good. Considering that Bulletproof Games developers are spending a lot of time producing content for other brands, we can’t resent the fact that their slot catalog is quite petite. 

We would love to see their library growing in the future, presenting new ideas and freshly made features. From our point of view, the BG team has everything required to rock the iGaming scene. 

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