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merkur gaming softwarePaving the way through the extremely competitive iGaming universe, Merkur brings the finest values of made-in-Germany quality standards, outstanding client service along with a diverse catalog of products. Driven by the passion to create innovations, the team constantly upgrades the quality of its services and solutions.

The company is the part of the globe-wide famous German-based Gauselmann Group, which gathers a gigantic international team of enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Merkur’s vast range of products encompasses both online and land-based industries, making them one of the most widely-spread solutions providers across multiple markets.

Three Core Values as Fundaments

While building the business strategy, each company establishes a philosophy which will make their products and services recognizable to other partners and clients.

The core pillars of Merkur’s business…

…lies in three fundaments “Innovation, Passion, Tradition”. Each of the elements reflects the main motivational factors which push the entire team in the right direction, resulting in even bigger and better successes.

The studio’s versatile and massive portfolio is country-specific and multifaceted, eliminating all the cultural and language barriers and constantly enhancing the spectrum of their consumers. Describing their own philosophy and strong desire to overcome these obstacles and give their business great international value, they came up with the simple, yet meaningful tagline:

‘We Speak Gaming!’

The short and to the point motto reflects the company’s capability to adapt quickly to legal and social conditions, individual consumer preferences as well as the typical characteristics and gambling habits of every individual local market.

Six Decades of Success and Counting

Based in Germany, the company is a part of The Gauselmann Group which currently employs more than 13,500 experts in more than 40 countries worldwide. As proof of the huge success, in 2018 the corporation generated a considerable business volume exceeding EUR 3.6 billion.

Paul Gauselmann laid the foundations for the Group in 1957…

…and ever since the company has developed into a hugely successful enterprise. Today, the Germany-headquartered corporation is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality, experience, innovation, and entertainment.

Rich and lengthy experience of 60+ years in development and production established the Group as a wholly reliable partner for national and international amusement machines and casino operators.

The main source of inspiration and motivation is driven by real-life experience…

…which is reflected in the three letters of the Group’s full name (adp Gauselmann Group). The concept is based on the abbreviated German phrase “Aus der Praxis” meaning ´from real-life experience’, representing a birthplace to all innovations for decades. Moreover, it ensured sustained trends and success in the industry, as well as stable growth.

Strategic Partnerships

One of the key milestones for Merkur was an agreement with Edict eGaming GMBH, the specialist for online gaming platforms. 

Becoming the part of the Group in 2008…

…Hamburg-based Edict focused on the development and technical operation of online casino solutions and system platforms for the gaming market. The successful acquisition enables the Group to adjust the same famous land-based slot machines into the online environment, offering players a unique opportunity to launch their beloved one-armed bandits in the digital version. 

In 2012 the Group purchased a controlling 50 percent share in Blueprint Gaming, the upcoming multi-platform developer for digital games. This way Gauselmann became the sole shareholder of their locations in Great Britain, USA, and the Philippines.

2014 brought the complete integration with Cashpoint Agentur & IT-Service GmbH. Being active in the sports betting market since 1996, the Austrian company operates more than 5,000 point-of-sale positions in the form of betting shops, kiosk systems and self-service terminals alongside licensed internet platforms.

Powerful Cabinets for Enhanced Terrestrial Experience

Making sure the punters are always treated with the highest level of respect, the company always upgrades the quality of its services.

Their diverse range of cabinets…

…combines exceptional design and brilliant color effects around the monitors to fully maximize the overall HD gaming experience. Each of them hosts excellent acoustical and powerful sound and is compatible with all major online systems.

The ergonomic design concept and easy access to all technical components assure total player comfort. The entire scope of enhancements and upgrades results in an increased base of satisfied players and plenty of financial benefits for the company.

The featured cabinets include the following offering

  • Avantgarde SLT
  • Avantgarde TRIO
  • Avantgarde TRIO BLACK
  • Evolution SL
  • Evostar
  • G-Box
  • Merkurstar
  • Merkurstar Black

Versatile Topic in Online Releases 

The lengthy and wealthy experience from the land-based sphere resulted in a more than generous selection of slot games. 

The range of topics is extremely versatile…

…covering an extensive range of playing styles and preferences. The fact that their catalog is suitable for a multiverse of clients makes them among the most-frequently featured content suppliers among the online venues. 

The biggest impact of the land-based industry is mostly visible in numerous fruit-themed titles which are accommodated in their catalog. Being the very first and therefore the oldest inspiration for traditional slot machines, they make an eternally inspirational topic for all content producers, and Merkur is no exception at all. 

One of them is Multi Fruits

…featuring the juiciest cherry, orange, lemon, plum and watermelon icons. Adding a bit spice (or sugar, as you wish), the game is implemented with the Re-Win feature, making it stand out from the expected scenario. 

On the other hand, The Coffee House Mystery is a well-equipped and adventurous detective mission with a fine choice of win boosters. Meant to satisfy the preferences of both coffee and investigation fans, the 3x5 release has a quartet of Wild symbols. 

One can easily sneak peek into the scary world of bloodsuckers, provided the adequate weapons are there- garlic, holy water, crosses and tons of good luck. Vampires and its 5 reels bring the spine-chilling experience, thanks to exceptional features and hair-raising soundtrack. 

As easily concluded from even the brief preview…

…Merkur observes things from an extremely wide perspective, making sure all types of clients will satisfy their gaming needs with some of the picks from their ever-growing collection.

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