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Triple Edge Studios is a part of the new breed of online casino game developers that are focused completely on one type of game in the form of particularly high-end online slots. They don't work on anything else, and that level of focus is one of the reasons why they're able to develop such excellent titles. With offices in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA, they have been in operation since 2017.

A Focus on Mobile

One of the very first things to understand about this company is that they are extremely forward-thinking. They realize that mobile has been taking over the online gambling industry as a whole, but particularly with online slots, and the trends show that many casino sites have been getting most of their play from smartphones and tablets for a while already. Along these lines, all of their games are produced with a flexible mobile environment in mind, and that's why their titles run with both smartphones and tablets, even with atypical layouts.

For example, their Playboy Gold slot uses six reels with ten rows, and it fits perfectly on mobile screens of all sizes.

A Variety of Themes and Motifs

While this company does not have a particularly large portfolio, in part because they haven't been around as long as most of the competition, the bottom line is that they still have games that cover a wide range of different themes and concepts. You can have something like the Playboy Gold title we mentioned above on one hand, and then you can go to the completely opposite end of the spectrum with something like 108 Heroes: Multiplier Fortunes on the other end.

This includes graphical styles as well because they make their visual approach match the theme of the game they're developing instead of just using the same type of graphics for all of their slots. This works out very well, but it also shows just how wide of an available range they have when it comes to designing their games.

Distribution Deals

There's no denying that Triple Edge Studios makes some extremely high-quality games. However, they're also strong on the business end of things, and we can see that from some of the distribution deals they've made. They produce titles that are launched through the Microgaming Quickfire platform, and that's a big part of why they were able to get the rights to make the Playboy Gold slot.

However, they were really only able to make this type of deal because they have proven that they can put together particularly strong games, even with a small portfolio. This type of thing is exactly what the industry is geared towards at this point with quantity taking a backseat to quality on every level. Overall, it's clear to see that this developer has what it takes to hang, and you only need to play a few of their games to get a clear picture of that for yourself.

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