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If you look back to between the years 2000 and 2005, what you'd see in the online casino world is that everything was dominated by a few major software companies, and there wasn't really much of a market share being given to smaller companies because operators almost always had exclusive contracts with one of the big names.

All of that has changed now, and most operators provide software from many developers. SOFTSWISS is a company that has taken advantage of this shift in perspective since first opening their doors in 2008, and they produce a lower number of high-quality games.

Game Quality.

By any measure, SOFTSWISS produces high-quality games. Titles like Platinum Lightning, Desert Treasure, Lucky Lady's Clover and Book of Pyramids have gotten quite a bit of attention from players and industry experts alike because they offer very good experiences for players without "overdoing it" with 3D graphics.

This is a trap that many developers fall into these days, and it usually involves putting so much effort into the graphics and visual appeal of a game that the actual gameplay is lost. This is not the case with SOFTSWISS, and while the graphics are great, the gameplay and player experience is what comes first.

All of the games they have developed are slots, and they have more than 30 titles that work on mobile devices.

They had enough foresight to make their games mobile-friendly from the start so that they wouldn't have to go back and rework them so that they would work for mobile devices, and this means players will be able to access and play their games from anywhere.

Various Collaborations.

SOFTSWISS realizes that they have a smaller library of games, and this is their main weakness as a game developer.

However, they've shored up this weakness by teaming with other software companies to provide a white label solution that includes collaborations with the Microgaming Quickfire platform and a number of other software developers. This helps to solve the problem of having fewer games while providing operators with an incentive to help get their own in-house titles in front of more players.

The Complete Package.

What's interesting about SOFTSWISS is that they offer a number of different "modules" for operators to use so that they can pick and choose what features they want. This includes mobile-friendly titles, a bitcoin casino, being able to add support for other cryptocurrencies (like the emerging bitcoin XT), payment processing, support and more.

Instead of just relying on producing their own games, they also produce their own complete online casino platform for operators, and this is something that a number of smaller developers could try to learn from since it provides these operators with everything they need to get started.


Overall, SOFTSWISS provides high-quality games, but their focus seems to be more on their gaming platform than their slots.

Along these lines, they might not come out with enough new titles to sustain player interest on a major scale over time, but that's a weakness that could be easily fixed if they decide it's an important part of their overall business strategy.

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