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img-1 (6)They come from Germany; offer premium video slots inspired by various themes, including traditional, and in a relatively short time have shaken up the industry, gaining great popularity in their native country, but also outside its borders. Apparat Gaming, ladies and gentlemen, the shining bright star of the big iGaming sky!

How it all started...

At the head of this company are three key people: Alina Dandörfer, Thomas Wendt, and Martin Frindt. The team that built Apparat Gaming on the foundations of their own experience from the land-based and online casino industry, trio is fully responsible for every success of this brand so far; Apparat has collected a lot of achievements during the more than three years that it has been in existence, but we will talk about that a little later.

As we mentioned, Apparat Gaming originated in Germany, specifically, in the capital of this Western European country, Berlin. The company is guided by the slogan "iGaming with a German accent", a motto that, when you scratch the surface of all the machines, makes a lot of sense, and tells a lot about the products. From whatever corner of the planet you are reading this review, the mention of Germany will certainly associate you with the quality of workmanship, refined structure, and elegant details... products with the “Made in Germany” stamp have always been considered high quality, and intended for people with a refined taste for beauty. Apparat Gaming is proud to point out that their games are based on "German rules", and that they offer a bit more than what is typically expected from a slot machine today.

Regulations are tiring, but...

...if a brand wants a high reputation, it has to fight with paperwork, permits, and licenses. It was not easy to set up the environment for obtaining a work permit for German market; Apparat Gaming, not at all shyly, on its official website, points out that the struggle to obtain system in this country is a difficult, tiring job. But, as it usually goes, hard work brings results, and Apparat Gaming, not long after the launch of the company, managed to acquire a license to operate from the state of Malta and fulfill all the conditions that make it a reliable and safe operator.

We emphasize that the legalization of the product for this brand was certainly a very complicated task, taking into account that the German iGaming market is extremely challenging, and demands from the operator solidarity with a huge number of laws and requirements.

Be that as it may, Apparat Gaming fulfilled all the demands, and as a result, today, in the territory of Germany, it is present in quite a number of online casinos.

Stronger together

In business as well as in life, mountains are easier to move with the help of friends. To get the opportunity to present their work on as many markets as possible outside the focus of Germany, Apparat Gaming made important and useful friendships with colleagues from the iGaming industry from the very beginning. Partnerships that have enabled this quality brand to grow, and have embraced players from new countries around the world.

At the very beginning of the iGaming journey, Apparat Gaming shook hands with industry giant Pariplay and joined the brand's partner program. This enabled the then-very young Apparat Gaming to take off, break into new markets, and boost enthusiasm for conquering new online gambling territories.

Relax Gaming is also one of the company's partners, and the agreement on mutual assistance was concluded shortly after the birth of the Apparat Gaming brand. Relax Gaming launched the company's existing content across Europe.

Wunderino mainly operates in the German online gambling market. Apparat Gaming works closely with this brand, which has implemented "games with a German accent" on its platform, enabling even more German players to access Apparat Gaming content.

In 2023, the company entered into a partnership with the award-winning Gaming Innovation Group, a leading iGaming platform and sportsbook provider. As a result of the agreement, gamers will be able to access the distinctive German-accented slots from Apparat Gaming through the platform provider's numerous operator partners.

Quality works everywhere

img-2 (6)So, to scratch the surface a bit, what does German quality actually represent when it comes to Apparat Gaming?

First of all, what caught our eye when we opened the gaming library of this brand is the diversity; although Apparat tends towards titles based on the classics, in the catalog you can find plenty of slots that are on par with the most modern and sought-after themes of today. The ranks of the classics are interrupted by fantasy slots, games inspired by Nordic stories, as well as several "book" editions…a diverse collection in which every player can find a theme for himself.

Furthermore, in addition to the versatility of the themes, we also compliment the brand on account of the design. Each video slot creation of this German studio stands out for its high-quality and detailed production, premium graphics, and excellent audio tracks, which, overall, results in a great experience for players. Most Apparat Gaming slots are enriched with excellent animations, which additionally affect the dynamics of the gameplay itself. We will add that the slots of this company are also very functional, and player-friendly and that each machine has useful buttons such as AutoPlay, Turbo, MaxBet options, and the like.

In terms of mechanics, Apparat Gaming offers relatively standard dynamics; the game is, in most cases, played over a 5x3 reel, with fixed paylines - layouts offer no surprises at this time.

However, surprises, and very pleasant ones at that, are hidden among the special features. Apparat Gaming slots offer plenty of action, which can result in bigger prizes. Bonuses such as extra spins, stacked wilds, and huge multipliers are mostly available to players.

To wrap it up…

“Our slots embody what it means to be truly German – quality, stability, and absolutely no sense of humor”

A detail that we did not miss, and we especially liked about the team that runs this company, is their sense of humor (although they joke that they don't have one.). On the official website of Apparat Gaming, in the news section, you will notice many interesting jokes about the German origin of the company. It may seem unimportant, but it gives the impression that the leading trio of this brand enjoys their work, constructing new technology with a smile on their face, and the occasional joke ready to brighten up the day. In addition to a positive attitude, the head team and other important members of Apparat Gaming have been enriching the iGaming industry for several years with their ability, knowledge, and creativity. There is also a fighting spirit and openness to cooperation, which constantly paves the way for new online gambling horizons.

It may be unnecessary to mention, but we will emphasize that all machines signed by Apparat Gaming are fully optimized for mobile play. To enjoy slots of different sizes, themes, and mechanics and features, players are not required to own the most modern devices. The requirements for spinning the reels of Apparat one-armed bandits are met by all wireless devices that connect to the Internet.

Whether you access the slots from a PC, mobile phone or tablet, it's good to know that all video slots of this German company are available in demo mode, that is, players can test them without prior real money stakes.

If you want to keep up to date with the news of this brand, or to get in touch with the team, keep in mind that Apparat Gaming has open profiles on all major social networks, through which it maintains close relations with potential clients, active players, and those interested for their content.

Indulge yourself in the German taste of slot machines, with an excellent range of themes, flawless design, Beethoven-like music, and feel under your own fingers what real German quality of workmanship means.

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