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EYECON slotsWhen I first took a look at Eyecon slots I wasn’t all that impressed. Fluffy animals? Not my thing. Players loved it though, so it seems I just wasn’t part of the right crowd. Since then, the company has taken great strides to diversify its portfolio, with great success. The Fuffy-series remains strong, but there’s a lot more going on as well.

The company was started in 1993, though back then they were strictly into computer games. In 1999 they made the leap into online casinos and gambling games, and they’ve been strong in that field ever since. They have a rather slow release schedule, but on the other hand, it tends to result in quite spectacular and unique slots. The company has offices in Australia and the UK.

Experience is the key to solid products

Twenty years of experience doesn’t come easy. And even though games and slots can be produced without that experience it doesn’t change the fact that it is an edge that will give any company worthwhile information. Perhaps not so much what to do, but what not to do. This is not just about figuring out what sort of reel setups or special features players like.

Rather, it is about producing games for multiple different device types, drawing inspiration and knowledge from related arts(such as computer games), and building teams that work together without a hitch. This is what Eyecon brings to the table.

Keep an eye out for Eyecon slots

Though the company has been in the industry for as long as the other big players, it is only in the last few years that they have managed to spread out from Australia and into the international markets.

As such, their games might offer something you haven’t seen as of yet. Their games tend to offer sot and colorful palettes, with exceptional graphics and animations. The themes are quite unique, with only one or two slots using the same historical influences that most other gaming companies draw their inspiration from.

Certified and ready to serve

The company has offices in Australia and Alderney, both very respected jurisdictions. In addition, they have recently(as of writing this article) acquired a Swedish license. Eyecon also holds a UK Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and Malta Gaming Authority licenses. They hold in their hands quite a few more licenses than any other normal gambling company would.

Gaming systems and services for online and offline casinos

Besides producing games and slot, the company also offers a variety of services directly for online casinos. This would explain their access to such a list of respected and highly esteemed gaming licenses. Backend systems, poker and betting software, front-end solutions, and other white label stuff is right up their alley.

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