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img-3 (5)The Apparat Gaming company was founded in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The brand likes to call attention to its origin, and emphasizes that the slots it produces are with a "German accent". It has been successfully ruling the German market for several years now, and thanks to cooperation with other iGaming companies, Apparat Gaming managed to break even beyond its base, so today the content of this brand is available on many European online gambling markets.

The brand is constantly in production and launches new machines relatively regularly. At the time of writing this review, Apparat Gaming's game catalog numbered dozens of titles.

Given that we are talking about German production, it is clear that these are slot games that have been worked on for a long time and diligently; German perfectionism is widely known, so much so that products from this country have become an international synonym for quality.

As for the team of perfectionists behind the brand, it consists of three main people with many years of experience in the gambling industry, both land-based and online. Specifically, the team that built Apparat Gaming and turned those ideas and dreams into reality are Alina Dandörfer, Thomas Wendt, and Martin Frindt. This capable trio has shaped their extensive experience and knowledge into slots that today are among the favorites of German online gamblers, as well as players throughout Europe.

In order to play not only high-quality but also reliable machines, the key people of Apparat Gaming also had a rather complicated task of solving the license issue. Considering that the German iGaming market is one of the most complicated, meeting the requirements for a legal operation was quite challenging. To become fully legal, they concentrated on the paperwork soon after the launch of the company and obtained the license and certificate for work after a few months. The license issuer is Malta, one of the most prominent gambling authorities in the industry.

Soon, after solving the license issue and creating the first few slot editions, Apparat Gaming set about expanding the market, and concluded several very important partnerships that opened new paths for them, and greatly expanded the number of potential players. Among the most significant collaborations is the partnership with Pariplay and Relax Gaming, experienced giants of the iGaming industry who took Apparat Gaming to new heights and broke through their platforms to new markets. The recently concluded contract with Wunderino, colleagues from Germany, strengthened the position of this brand on the virtual gambling maps of this country.

Now that we have somewhat introduced you to the development of Apparat Gaming, let's take a closer look at what this company offers its players.

What does "German accent" stand for?

It remains our assumption, but we believe that the team of this company wanted to emphasize that they approach the production of slots very carefully and that they take care of every detail. The available slot collection confirms this assumption. Therefore, the machines signed by Apparat Gaming are not only visually attractive but also meet the high demands of the iGaming industry in terms of features. German quality means that all conditions to define a product as high-quality are met.

Visual aspect

A brief glance at the slots collection reveals that Apparat Gaming has access to a wide range of themes, from "the book" machines and basic slot-inspired games to those based on Nordic stories. While the themes differ, what is the same for each machine is the superb design and excellent graphics, accompanied by corresponding sounds. Prone to a joke, leaders at Apparat Gaming pointed out that the sounds implemented in the slots are similar to Bach's compositions.

In-game boosters

With sounds similar to the compositions of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach, the special features also fit perfectly, which, along with the already sufficiently dynamic visuals, make the game even more exciting. Almost every Apparat Gaming machine is richly equipped, and in addition to the standard Scatters&Wilds sets, it additionally offers Extra Spins, Stacked Wilds, and excellent multipliers. This also applies to machines that apparently belong to the category of classic slots. Although they give the visual impression that they are old-fashioned, the features say otherwise and classify them in the selection of modern and very engaging machines.

Mechanics and RTP

There aren't many surprises when it comes to the mechanics of Apparat Gaming slots; the brand adheres to the unwritten rules that the best action is via a 5x3 layout, with fixed winning lines. In other words, until this moment the company has not launched any Megaways or Clusterpays system. The RTP in none of the games is disappointing; most are around the standard, in some slots even above the iGaming industry average. Volatility is different, so players can find low, medium, and high volatility titles.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile online gambling has been on the rise for many years. Thanks to the fast-paced lifestyle, gamers prefer to grab wireless devices rather than sit down in front of a PC. Mobile gambling opens up the possibility of playing at any place and at any time. All modern companies are aware of this change and have adapted their content to on-the-go players. Apparat Gaming is one of the brands that recognizes the importance of mobile optimization and has built all its titles on the HTML5 platform, which enables wireless players to access the game. Apparat Gaming slots are available on all systems - Android, iOS, and Windows, both on smartphones and laptops. We tested Apparat slots on the phone and concluded that games launch quickly, do not lose video quality, and are easy to use because the layout is very convenient for small screens.

Featured Titles

Pharaoh Princess

The company used popular Egyptian mythology as the basis for this narrative, which gave gamers a glimpse into living along the rich Nile River banks in ancient Egypt. Discover what it was like to be among the pyramids and pharaohs while earning big thanks to Expanding Wilds on a 5x3 reel layout and then 10 paylines in this game. The slot's RTP of 96.09%, while the volatility classifies it as medium-high.

Mallorca Wilds

With Mallorca Wilds, the ultimate 5x3 slot game that transports you directly to one of Europe’s craziest summer vacation destinations - Mallorca – a place where the party never stops! Your feet will dance to happy rhythms, and your heart will jump to excellent features, including Sticky Wilds! The maximum win potential is x1000 bet, and the RTP is at a very satisfactory 96.14 percent.

Kings of the Vikings

Norwegian Vikings, angry conquerors who were not afraid of the restless sea or armed opponents, are an eternal inspiration for almost all slot producers! Apparat Gaming has not left out this popular theme from its catalog, which it has enriched with engaging features Extra Spins, and Sticky Wilds!

Fruits First

Design inspired by land-based machines is quite represented in the Apparat Gaming collection. However, traditionalism comes with a modern twist, and the action on this machine takes place over a modern 5x3 layout, with the possibility of winning an attractive top prize of x1000 bet! For nostalgic players who like the simplicity of the design.

Fruit Storm

Fruit again, with the addition of thunderbolts, which add dynamics to the classic design. Medium-high volatility, 40 winning lines, and striking max exposure of x2500 bet! As we said, Apparat Gaming classic slots just look old-fashioned, but they offer some pretty modern action!

The Griffin

Are you up for an amazing adventure? This slot transports you to the snow-capped mountains on the very wings of the fabled Griffin, a hybrid of a lion and an eagle. The player may earn enormous riches from this supernatural beast with the aid of Sticky Wilds and multipliers. Enjoy a dynamic 5x4 reel game with over 20 paylines, high volatility gaming, and a 96.06% return to player rate.

To Conclude…

Without a doubt, Apparat Gaming hit the nail on the head with the German accent/quality tagline. These slots are exactly that, quality. Outstanding aesthetic characteristics, excellent levels of machine functioning, acceptable features, favorable RTP percentages, and solid maximum win potentials.


They don't stand out from the majority in any particular way. The topics covered by Apparat Gaming have been utilized before, and the techniques it employs are common to most new slot machines. The games are often feature-rich but with standard sets of boosters. In other words, Apparat Gaming lacks the authenticity that would let people recognize them. Don't get us wrong; the goods of this company are well worth considering, particularly for gamers searching for the standard entertainment of online gambling. Slot machine enthusiasts looking for new ideas and a little bit of the out-of-the-ordinary won't find anything in this company's logo.