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Different online casino software companies produce games that have different looks and feels to them. In the case of Fantasma Games, you're getting something that's a bit off the beaten path because their titles can have drastically different feels to the point that you'd sometimes think they were made by completely different developers. They've had their doors open since 2016 and operate out of Stockholm, Sweden, and this is a company that has seriously leveraged the variety of games that make up their portfolio.

A Veteran Team

Something that really drives the game quality that comes out of this development house is the fact that their team is made up of a lot of people who have a lot of years in the business as a whole. They have people who have held very high-up positions in companies like LeoVegas and ComeOn, in addition to others, so they clearly have plenty of experience when it comes to taking care of players and knowing what types of games become the most popular in the market as a whole. It's easy to see them leveraging this knowledge and experience in their games because of the quality of the finished products.

A Variety of Approaches

Another big facet in this company's growing popularity is the fact that they produce high-quality games that can look and feel completely different from each other, and this gives players a tremendous level of variety that's a lot of fun. For a simple example, you can see a lot of differences between the production of Spooky 5000 compared to that of Super Sumo. This may be their greatest strength on the front-end in terms of appealing to as large of an audience as possible.

Game Quality

The overall quality of the titles produced here are great to say the least. Their graphical and aesthetic values are up there with the best that the industry has to offer, and their gameplay values are strong as well with varied features, different styles of pay tables and smooth animation that keeps everything flowing along in a way that feels good. When you combine this with the variety point that we noted above, you get several different titles that offer completely different experiences but that are all of a particularly high quality.

In Summary

With Fantasma Games, players are going to get a small but high-quality selection that focuses primarily on slots. They use many different types of themes and concepts and visual styles for their games, but the gameplay is solid across all of them. What's so great about their titles as well is that they run just as well on mobile devices as they do on computers, no matter what operating system you're using or what type of smartphone or tablet you have, and that makes it easy to enjoy what they have to offer while you're on the go.

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