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medialive_gc_1In for some live casino entertainment? Medialive software creator might just be the provider you are looking for! The story about this company begins more than fifteen years ago, on a beautiful island of Malta, where the brand made its first steps inside the massive, fast-developing iGaming industry. Originally, Medialive was an online casino operator, but the tables have turned once the company acquired live games permit, about two years after they officially started operating. That was the turning point for Medialive; the brand found its direction, something that triggered their creativity, so in the years following, members of the Medialive team were utterly oriented in developing live casino content.

Definitely not a fresh-out-of-the-oven brand, so how you haven’t heard about it?

For many experienced gamblers, regular ones, the name Medialive doesn’t ring any bells; strange, though, since the company exists for quite some time. There is a simple explanation for this “online casino mystery”... Medialive, especially for the last decade, is keeping its eyes mostly on the Italian market. So, if you don't belong to the Italian gambling community, this brand is probably not on your favorites list. 

Game Selection

During the decades of active, devoted work, this Malta-based brand managed to create a considerate range of standard, live-dealers games. When we say standard, we mean the big three: blackjack, roulette, and baccarat; the most popular table games amongst gamblers. Nonetheless, Medialive is open to suggestions; if a client demands something else, the team is willing to develop the required game following all buyers’ wishes.

medialive_gc_2As for the games which are currently available...

We are looking at neat, elegant designs, sharp graphics, and well-trained dealers. Don’t expect any glitter, too many functions, details, cluttered game area, because, with Medialive, you get a classical appearance and a standard game approach. The games are recorded in studios located in Malta and Italy, following the green screen technology. For some gamblers, this visual approach may look kind of plastic, unreal, but from the other side, it keeps the level of video sharpness at its best, while allowing the players to show some creativity since the background and tables can be minimally customized.

A vital matter, for live-games developers, is the dealers; luckily, Medialive picked a great team of highly-skilled, well-trained croupiers, fluent in English and Italian language. The dealers are mostly women, visually appealing, attractively dressed, yet classy.

Let’s look at each game individually...


Single room, seven open seats, and standard rules for playing: the eight decks of cards are dealt in a clockwise direction. Splitting cards, double downs, perfect pairs, side bets... all these are allowed in Medialive’s blackjack live editions.


The basic Baccarat gameplay is expanded with eight additional side bets: “Player/Banker Bonus,” “Player/Banker Couple (Pair),” “Perfect/Either Pairs,” and “Big/Small.” If you fancy something a bit more exciting, this may be the Baccarat you were looking for.


Medialive’s live solution for Roulette is played by the European rules; compared with other existing games, Roulette is the most modern genre, with impressive widgets that will keep you informed about the statistics, rules, and odds during the game. The auto-play button is available, too, if you are short on time.

Mobile Gaming

Since 2014, the brand is using the latest available technology, the HTML5 platform to develop its games. In addition, it utilizes geo-localization services which improve the visual and audio streams for players, based on their location. In simple words, players who opt for Medialive are opting for fast-loading content, economic data usage, sharp graphics, and smooth gameplay on every device.


For live-dealers seekers, Medialive is a pretty satisfying solution. On all of the most significant tests, the brand turned out excellent; a nice range of content, a rich selection of Baccarat and Roulette features, a professional game approach, mobile compatibility... Thumbs up to Medialive for being present on the scene for such a long time, while successfully updating its titles following the latest trends. Overall, we truly liked what we found out about this live-dealers game expert, and we do recommend you take a glimpse at their offer. 

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