STHLM Gaming Casinos

The company STHLMGAMING was first launched in 2016, and they released their first online slot the following year. Their offices are located in Stockholm, Sweden, and while they are a fairly small company in terms of the number of employees they have, something that's not small is the quality of the games that they offer. They are a great example of a company that sprang up due to the content sharing approach that's known to be a key component of the modern era of online casinos.

A Focus on Mobile Gaming

Something that's critical to how this company approaches their games is that they have a primary focus on the mobile sector. This isn't all that surprising considering that mobile has taken over such a huge portion of the overall play market, and players are encouraged to play on the go more than ever, so that share of the market keeps getting bigger and bigger.

To this end, their games are designed to be extremely flexible for mobile devices. Their games expand to cover your screen on both tablets and smartphones, no matter the size, and they give you an easy set of controls that customize themselves based on the amount of screen real estate that you have on your device. Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems can be used with their games as well.

A Distribution-based Approach

From a business standpoint, the model that Sthlm Gaming uses focuses primarily on producing video slots that are distributed across different channels for distributors and operators. They have content distribution agreements that allow their games to get in front of a lot of different players as a result of inclusion on various platforms with games from other software companies. This means that they don't have to worry about fleshing out a complete software suite like in the old days. Instead, they can focus on what they do best: producing high-end slots for players to enjoy.

Slot Quality

The only games that this company produces are slots, and this fits in with the business strategy that we elaborated on above. The quality of their slots is tremendous, and one thing they do that really stands out is that they use different graphical styles based on the theme and concept behind the game they're producing. For example, their Van Gogh online slot, based on the style of the famous painter by the same name, has a much different look and feel to it than their Sunset slot, which is based on a desert driving theme.

Attention to detail and flexibility in this way puts players in a position where they can become more immersed in what this company has to offer. These in-depth experiences are the key behind why this developer's games get such great reviews every single time.

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