Lucksome Gaming Casinos

Some wonderful things can happen when you team up a number of experienced industry veterans and give them the freedom to express their creativity. Today, we will call that wonderful thing – Lucksome Gaming! This fairly new name in the iGaming world is a product made under the umbrella of Blueprint Gaming Distribution, an influential network with a seriously good reputation in the business. 

Lucksome Gaming operates under the motto “Games to treasure”, and we can tell you – their games aren’t something you will easily forget! Hand on the heart, their gaming portfolio is still petite, but judging by the tiles which saw the light of the day- this is a supplier we should keep an eye on! 

Game Selection 

Game SelectionFive launched- one more to come! Inside the gaming portfolio of Lucksome Gaming, there is, at the moment, a small handful of available video slot releases. Don’t get disappointed by this number, though, since we all already know that quantity is always a better way to go than to create masses of uninteresting, already-saw slot machines. The industry craves something fresh, and Lucksome has everything needed to deliver games that will help lift the overall quality of online gaming. 

Let’s go in a detailed exploration of what Lucksome has upon its sleeve... 

The thing that makes us the happiest about this gaming offer is diversity; each slot machine is a story for itself. From Nordic legends to chocolate bombs, the developers really did let themselves go and explore multiple themes, and pick the most attractive ones for the players. Since all the games, graphically and design-wise are close to perfection, we had a hard time choosing our personal favorite. But... we pick Voodoo Temple, a bit scary-looking game, inspired by dark magic. The game looks flawless; we are blown away by the quality of the artwork, symbols, and animations, and we can’t think of any complaints regarding the overall design. Don’t get us wrong, the rest of the Lucksome Gaming content is also top of the league, but this one just stuck to our gambling hearts. 

Are the great designs enough to attract the audience? 

Lucksome knows better than this. That’s why the team created not only good-looking video slots but very exciting ones too. Standard gaming features consist of extra spins, Scatters, and multipliers. However, this is just a basic pack. Each game possesses something more than this, something that will make your gaming experience more pleasing and exciting. Stack symbols, Lux Reels, and Lucksome locks, just to name a few.

Mobile Gaming 

Mobile GamingA leading-edge company like this one knows that mobile gaming is slowly becoming a number one option for the masses of players out there. That’s why Lucksome Gaming optimized all its content to fit the small-screen devices. If you like to consume casino content on the foot, be sure that the games developed in this studio will deliver you a top-notch mobile experience. 


After all these compliments given- what’s left to say? We are in love with these video slots. Not to jinx it, but considering what we saw, we expect nothing less from Lucksome Gaming than a significant progress in the markets, and more brilliant ideas in the future.

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