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Bluberi Gaming has remained relatively unknown for most of its history, which spans several decades. This is probably because they originally simply manufactured terminals for local US markets, right next to their own headquarters in Las Vegas. However, in 2021 the company underwent rebranding, aiming to take their rightful place in the global gaming markets. And that definitely means in online casinos as well.

The company is definitely dedicated to slots, and at least for now you won’t find anything else in their catalogue. Most of the games are still primarily released on their terminals, though they are slowly making their way into online casinos too. If you’re looking for that classic, or rather legacy, casino feeling, Bluberi is definitely a company worth checking out.

Look and Feel of Cabinet Slots

Cabinets, in case you were wondering, does not refer to decoration, but those tall gaming machines that are also known as terminals. These were the starting point for all slot gaming in Bluberi, and it shows in the way the games themselves are designed and how they play out.

Obviously, there aren’t that many restrictions today as everything works in the virtual domain. Regardless, these games have retained that look and feel from the early days of gaming. Surprisingly enough, this is a welcome surprise as the games are remarkably different from the majority of online slots.

How Does the Experience Look on Modern Screens?

Not to worry, this is a far cry from the sort of ports we experienced when the internet first opened up. In fact, if anything the road has gone the other way. The terminals themselves come with massive screens, taking advantage of the latest graphics and innovations. Porting these into the realm of mobile and desktop online gaming has been rather easy. Features like progressive jackpots are sure to bring in even more attention to the games, as do other familiar specials.

Easy to Approach

The new direction the company has taken aims to be easily approachable, whether that is by players on- or offline, software companies, aggregator platforms, land-based or online casinos, or anyone who wants to take a look at what Bluberi has to offer. At the same time, the company is heading for a more creative and daring approach to slot gaming, whilst basing everything on their historical success as a land-based producer.

This combination makes the company somewhat unique, which is probably what they were aiming for. You can expect a special and different sort of experience when trying out their games. And thanks to their rebranding, they are fast becoming available at all your favourite online casinos.

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