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Fuga Gaming started off in the land-based arena when they started up in 2014. Since then, they've moved over to the online side of things. Their offices are located in London, England, and as such, a lot of their focus has been on UK and European markets. However, they stand out in the industry as a whole for the quality of their games and for their forward-facing approach to how they develop their titles.

Using HTML5 for the Future

A significant portion of what makes Fuga Gaming stand out is how they set their games up so that they'll last for years (and decades) to come. A big part of why that works out so well for them is that all of their titles are produced in HTML5. The significance of this is that HTML5 is the latest platform to be widely adopted, and it's much better than Adobe Flash for a wide variety of reasons. In short, it's compatible with more devices and allows better graphics compared to Flash without substantial increases in load times.

Flash is also a lot less secure than HTML5, which is a particularly important concern given how important safety and security are in the online casino industry.

Their Land-based Titles

As a company, they started in the land-based market. There, they found proven success with a variety of games they developed, and their first pushes into the online space were found by adopting online versions of video slots they had produced for brick-and-mortar environments. These games were a big success as well, and that goes to show that they know how to get players engaged regardless of which sector they're operating in.

Game Quality

It's no surprise that they have been successful online and in land-based casinos once you see the quality of their games. Along these lines, something they do that gets a lot of good reviews from players is that they change up their visual styles in different games to make sure that the way they're presenting a title matches up with the theme and concept of it. This helps to give players a solid overall gameplay experience where the entire slot comes together instead of feeling like a bunch of disjointed parts that were slapped together without much thought or consideration.

Our Thoughts

Fuga Gaming might have a name that seems a bit odd, but the quality of their games speaks in a way that cannot be denied. Their experience both online and in brick and mortar scenarios has been nothing but success, and it's clear that their team is on top of everything when it comes to producing the types of games that players want to enjoy. This level of quality has helped them to score content distribution deals with individual operators and software platforms, which has gotten their games in front of even more players.

Other Information

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Official Fuga Gaming Email: info@fugagaming.com