Asia Gaming Casinos

Asia Gaming has been in the business since 2012, yet remains a largely unknown producer in the west. With the changes in the worldwide gambling markets, this is about to change. The company claims to be the most innovative in all of Asia, at least when it comes to live casino gaming. With plenty of experience and lots of room to expand we are bound to hear and see more of this company in the future. Not only do they own and operate studios in two different locations in Asia, but they have recently also opened their studios in Malta.

Live casino

The live casino offerings of Asia Gaming are, without a doubt, their most important products. This extends from their choice of games, which include everything from baccarat to roulette and sic bo, to the platform that they use to deliver these games. They have several studios from where the games are hosted in full HD quality. Mobile gamers are well catered to, as the company offers both a dedicated platform and an app for download.

Egames from a third-party developer

The company itself doesn’t actually produce any slots. They are more concentrated on the live casino and on their platform. As part of the platform, they do offer slots, or Egames as they are called over there, for play. These are made by Xin Gaming, which takes care of the games and produces them exclusively for Asia Gaming. They concentrate on producing slots, table games and video poker, with slots receiving the most attention.

The catalogue consists of over one hundred titles and for someone who hasn’t played slots from Asian producers before it might be worth checking out. They also have their own line of jackpots with all sorts of extra functionality to enjoy. For someone who has concentrated mostly on European or Western slot companies, these games offer some fresh takes, though for the most part they still play out just like any other slots out there.

Themes and features

Splendid animations play both in the games and in the marketing material. Graphically the games are top-notch, and the audio side of things isn’t too bad either. When it comes to themes you should not be surprised that most of the games have something to do with Asia. Still, there are more than enough titles that use the universal themes that are popular with all software companies.

The bonus features you will find in these games vary from title to title. The company isn’t exactly innovative or revolutionary in these matters so there are no big surprises or new mechanics in store. What you will find are the usual bonus games, wilds, scatters, instant wins and so on.

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