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The MRG Group is the company that operates Mr Green Casino and a variety of other popular and reputable brands. Green Jade Games, as you can somewhat tell by the name, is a subsidiary of MRG, and their mission is to produce high-level casino games to boost the offering for MRG-operated properties.

Green Jade is based out of their headquarters in Malta, which is a great place to be for an online slot development company. They've been running since 2017, but they didn't start producing titles until 2018.

Game Construction

The titles built by this company aren't all alike by any means, but they do seem to follow a pattern that works really well for virtually all players. You can start by looking at their central theme and then looking at how the style of graphics and visuals themselves come together to make that theme come alive. It's not just the symbol sets and background used, however. Instead, it's the actual aesthetic approach itself, which you can see from the fact that none of their games really share the same style of graphics.

From there, you'll see that the feature set centers around the theme of the game as well. That means that no matter how many features there are or how the balance of the pay table works, it all gives you a coherent feel that comes together to feel like one experience instead of a bunch of different parts stuck together without any rhyme or reason.

Business Approach

What you'll find when it comes to Green Jade's portfolio is that they don't have a ton of games, but it's not really in line with their approach to business to have a lot of titles to pick from. Instead, they want to make individual games that stand out in their given sub-genres. This is the type of approach that fits in with their place as a subsidiary of MRG, and it puts them in a position to really make a difference in terms of putting out games that push the envelope on what players can expect from the industry as a whole.


The nature of online casinos in the modern era is that you have to have both quality and quantity when it comes to games. Some companies produce a ton of titles, but others focus on producing fewer games of a higher quality. Green Jade Games fits into the latter half of the equation.

Between their mobile compatible slots, their great aesthetics or the strong gameplay that each title in their portfolio offers, everything comes together to form the kind of play experience that players keep wanting to come back to even if there are thousands of other titles available out there. This is the power of focusing on quality, which is a hallmark of how they approach business in general.

Extra Details

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