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simpleplay-about-us-soft-reviewSimplePlay debuted at ICE London 2020 and did it in a big way. The brand has managed to fascinate a highly demanding international iGaming crowd with its space-age fair booth and what was behind the eye-catching facade. In contrast to the majority of newly emerged studios that usually can brag of just a handful of titles at best, this Asian wonder introduced several dozen titles right from the get-go.

Queueing up to peek inside the state-of-the-art interactive game zone, people wondered whether this software provider was backed by experience and a sound technology base of some well-established company. The answer, in fact, was pretty close - only a few steps away inside another glorious booth adorned by a spectacular vivid canopy.

Slot buffs quickly recognized in a bunch of SP products popular mobile-first adventures made by SA Gaming, a Philippine-based enterprise known as the leading online entertainment platform in Asia.

What’s Simple Play Software Got To Do With SA Gaming?

Although not officially announced, the strong link between SimplePlay and SA Gaming is obvious, all the more so, it comes just natural that famous provider of Live casino decided to diversify the offering and cover the entire spectrum of the world’s most beloved pastime.

Launched in August 2019...

...with the idea to deliver the trill of the reels to all fans of virtual one-armed bandits, SP boasts a top-notch collection of HTML5 slots spiced up with innovative extra features. The brand is also excellent at making fishing games, which represent the entirely new level of multi-layer experience. If you’ve never tried one, SP titles are the best option to start as they allow up to six participants to compete against each other for huge prizes.

The obvious choice for every operator who aims to expand its market share, SimplePlay provides an all-round service to suit individual needs and preferences. The brand’s gaming content supports different languages, all the major currencies, and can be easily integrated into the client’s platform while a professional support team is ready to assist 24/7.

Gorgeous Graphics & Perky Reels

simpleplay-certificates-soft-reviewInfluenced by amazing orient culture, games designed by SimplePlay are incredibly rich in graphics, and in line with the Asian traditional hospitality, they offer decent packages of bonus features.

Apart from universally popular free spins, punters can take advantage of generous multipliers, wilds, and other special symbols. In addition to that, the brand has a unique set of perky reel transformations letting players test the winning potential of extended, doubled, extra, or cascading reels.

High volatility...

...seems to be the house specialty as the great bulk of releases are pre-set to bring less frequent but heftier payouts. As for RTP, it’s above solid 96%, which gives patrons another reason to dive into the immersive atmosphere created by SP designers.

This software provider doesn’t show a big interest in classic slots, a couple of 3-steppers in its library are humble stories with only one line and without any add-ons. In case you’re after a real thriller with an evergreen soul, you’d better look for these classics at another place.

Speaking of the portfolio as a whole, it’s safe to say, slot lovers can count on a wide range of themes (and not only Asian!), interesting grids enhanced with both pay lines and ways to wins, and, of course, on engaging bonuses that take gameplay to the next level.

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