Ganapati Casinos

Ganapati was founded in 2013, though they really moved into the iGaming industry only in 2016. In 2017 they received a Maltese Gaming license. The company has been moving fast, and this includes building a massive collection of slots. Despite their speed, they haven’t forgotten about quality. This is partly thanks to the fact, that the company has chosen to use rare themes and interesting special features.

The company is international and holds offices throughout the world: Malta, Estonia, London, Tokyo, Taiwan, and Los Angeles. No doubt the list will keep growing. They have also ventured into bitcoin gaming. At the moment the company is making big waves in deep waters, and the way things are looking they will certainly hit online casinos like a tsunami sooner or later.

Apps, iGaming and game development

Ganapati is one of those companies that has its finger in every pie. That is to say, they are not only a slots provider but a grouping of companies that concentrate on digital media. This gives them plenty of experience and know-how for the entire field. This means that they not only know how to make games HTML5 compatible, but also how to add in a proper interface, how to make the games run smoothly, and how to make entertaining and interactive games. In other words, perfect for mobile casinos.

The company also uses third-party developers, and its vast network of partners to bring in new influences into slots gaming. They seem to be one of the first truly modern iGaming companies, having the ability and the will to use their international reach to bring the best of all worlds together.

Tired of the same old themes?

If you have had enough of Ancient Egypt, Greek Gods, and classic slots, then Ganapati might just be the company for you. First off though, it’s worth saying a thing or two about the artistic styles employed in their games. Not all of the slots come with superb graphics or something really groundbreaking, but quite a few of them do. There’s clearly a lot of different influences mixing at will in the company. 

...there’s even a few pachinko slots in the mix...

The themes themselves borrow a lot from what one could consider Asian subjects. For friends of Anime and Manga, the styles and themes are pretty familiar. But it’s not all they have. There’s definitely a vibe about video games in there too, and not in any retro sense, but in the sense of modern mobile gaming. A very refreshing collection of games and themes.

Blockchain and what it will be?

Bitcoins and blockchains have been making the news, and despite all the hype, not much has happened. Ganapati is one of the first gaming companies to have a solid vision in this field. Their solution is aimed entirely at casinos and players, and it might just be the thing that finally makes crypto coins a popular and successful currency.

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