• Ganapati slots

    The name Ganapati is taken from the Hindu pantheon, and the company, in a sense lives up to its name. After being established in 2013 Ganapati quickly established a foothold in all important gaming and tech locations: Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Malta, Estonia, Taiwan, Curacao. This global pool of opinions and ideas is used as an advantage when building new and innovative slots.

    Motto for their online slots is “Immersive Japanese Gaming”.

    Though the name Ganapati is not yet familiar to all slot players, they do have quite a reputation within the industry. Their cabinet is full of awards, other leading companies have formed partnerships(aggregation etc) with them, and their licenses are well in order. Now that you have heard of them, it’s about time you take a look at their magnificent slots.

    Artistic ambition and individual style

    Ganapati has taken the long route to quality. Their release schedule is only now starting to speed up. This is the result of years of preparation and integration. So far it has resulted in quality games, which do not disappoint for lack of features or possibility of wins.

    Not each and every game comes with a big surprise. They are simply well done. But once in a while, something manages to pull the strings on that global influence and present the player with something that is truly unique. There seem to be several different artists at work in the company, as often each game comes with a style specifically made for it.

    From style to theme

    It’s not just the way the graphics are laid out, or which color scales are in use. The themes, when successful, go far beyond that. This is evident in games that borrow, for example, from pachinko machines. Again, not every slot is about breaking new ground or displaying local traditions - but there are a few that simply stand out as an entirely different and sometimes completely new sort of games. The number of reels varies, as does that of paylines and prizes.

    Why game design is important

    All of the above - graphics, ideas, styles and themes, would count for nothing if the basic design behind them is not solid. And for most of the players this also means that the game must run well on mobile devices, mainly smartphones. Easy access and easy use is a must in today’s online casinos.

    Ganapati is well aware of all of these facts, as they show time and time again with each slot release. Balancing special features with jackpots and standard wins is something that the company has a special talent for. As for their presence in different casinos, the list is growing by the day.

    We urge you to take a look at the demo games, at the very least. These offer quite a nice collection of different styles available at casinos that offer Ganapati slots. Enjoy!

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