Red Tiger Casinos

If you had to create a checklist of what you need to be a great online casino software developer in the modern era, then it would read much like Red Tiger's biography. They've been in operation since 2014, and they were founded by people who were already experts in the industry as a whole with a focus on European and Asian markets.

Aside from that, they also had headquarters on the Isle of Man, a place known for its popular online gambling industry environment. Licenses from both the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission look very nice on their resume as well. Their selection of Red Tiger online slots makes up most, but not all, of their portfolio.

Software Platforms

Players have a really easy time enjoying the titles that this software developer has available because the platforms they are playable on are pretty diverse. For example, just about any type of modern computer can play their games with no real slowdowns in speed or performance. This is because their titles operate through your web browser, so those with Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems will have no issue getting in on the action.

From the mobile side of the coin, they have things covered as well. Players on devices with all different sizes of screens, including both tablets and a wide range of smartphones, can play with no issue. Android, iOS, Blackberry and a number of other operating systems are covered as well. They have clearly put compatibility at the top of their list of priorities, and we love how easy it is to play however you want.

Game Quality

Quality is the name of the game for Red Tiger. They do have a pretty impressive collection of video slots considering how long they have been in operation, but that's mostly because of how aggressive they are about their release schedule, and it doesn't reflect a compromise on quality in the least bit. Their games do have a particular visual style to them that you can see across most of their titles, but it's a good thing in this case instead of a liability, which is what you see with a fair amount of the competition.

In terms of gameplay, they use a lot of different types of features and payout structures to mix things up, and they're often tied in with the themes of their titles. This puts them in a position to give players very cohesive experiences, and that's how you really get ahead from a gameplay perspective in today's industry.

Our Thoughts

Red Tiger clearly has a lot going on with their aggressive release schedule, high quality of games and great gameplay values. They really have something for just about every type of player out there, and their deals with platforms like Microgaming Quickfire mean that it's pretty easy to find and play their games. Like we mentioned earlier, if you wanted to make a blueprint for how a casino software company should do things, you could do much worse than what these guys have to offer.

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