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The name WeAreCasino might seem a little goofy, but they mean what they say, and they're very serious about their craft. They've been operating since 2017, and they have offices in Sliema, Malta. Their focus is on HTML5-based titles, mostly slots, but they also have some backend stuff that's pretty interesting and that could give them a serious advantage in the long run against the market as a whole.

Game Engine and More

One of the really interesting things they offer is a customization service for their games, so you might see one of their titles at a casino with a different branding than the same game at another place. The underlying mathematics, RNG and game functionality is essentially the same, but the visual elements can be changed. This level of customization is seen once in a while, but not as a part of an overall game engine, and that's something that could become a long-term edge over the competition. They have a ton of potential in this particular area, and we're interested to see what they're able to do with it over time.

HTML5 and Mobile Casino Integration

In today's market, you have to have a strong mobile setup to get anywhere as a casino software developer. Because every single one of their titles is developed using HTML5, they don't have to worry about device compatibility issues regardless of whether it's for desktop or mobile. This makes it really easy for players to get connected regardless of what kind of operating system their computer has or what kind of mobile device they're using. This goes for smartphones and tablets, and it goes for a wide range of devices including those with screens of all different sizes.

Themes and Game Quality

Something we really like about this company is their ability to produce titles that cover a huge range of different themes and ideas with vastly different graphical motifs. With Waikiki Heroes, for example, you get a hilarious look and feel that's a bit different than the super-serious tone and mood that comes from some of the rest of what they offer. With that having been said, they're able to hold a very steady overall level of quality across their portfolio, and that's something that has attracted players to a great degree as well.

In Summary

What WeAreCasino brings to the table is a high-quality approach to a portfolio that centers largely around slots that's just far enough outside of the box to be interesting without alienating players. Sometimes we see companies that try to go too far away from what's already working, and they lose the interest of the market in the process, but they did not fall into that trap. Instead, they mostly put their own unique twists on formats and layouts that are already proven while coming up with themes and features that give players something a bit different to check out.

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