Dreamtech Gaming Casinos

dreamtech_gc_1This company didn’t need too much time to cross the borders of Asia and start its spread all over the globe. No magic involved, only knowledge, experience, and hard work. DreamTech started its journey back in 2017, in the Philippines, and soon after, its quality was recognized in Europe and Australia. 

The brand is producing slot titles only, featured in hundreds of online casinos at the moment, and looking at how fast-developing this company is, we expect that those numbers soon transform into thousands. 

What’s so special about DreamTech, you ask? Keep on reading… 

Game Selection

They came all of a sudden, a couple of years ago, straight from the wildness of the beautiful Philippines; a team of experienced industry experts. At the moment when they were entering the markets, the iGaming business was already on fire. How to get the attention of clients, everybody was wondering… DreamTech had a solution – to specialize their games. 

One doesn’t have to be a detective to understand what’s in the main focus of this company. When you scroll around the gaming offer, you will see mainly Asia-inspired slots, with superb graphics and colorful themes. 

Keep in mind, though, that Asia-inspired doesn’t necessarily mean dragons and yin-yang, but beautiful Chinese girls, war-themed slots, Asian superheroes. 

dreamtech_gc_2Hand on the heart, they do produce some content not related to Asia, as well. Not a lot of games, but they do exist in the DreamTech catalog. 

One is certain, whatever title you choose to play, you will not regret it. 

Every single slot is powered by exciting features, superior graphic design, and a great soundtrack. Simply said, they offer gaming above the industry standards.

If you don’t trust our word, here comes the information that will seal the deal. The Philippine-based brand is part of the Yggdrasil’s Master program! 

By becoming the sixth member of the invite-only YGS semi-opened platform, DreamTech is getting access to in-game promotional tools, and the ability to run their own network campaigns. 


We are looking at a good candidate for worldwide fame here. 

It seems that they are on the right path to becoming a significant figure in the iGaming business. At this exact moment, they just stepped on that path. If their team continues to work hard and smart, as it did till now, DreamTech can walk up that road in no time. Specializing their games to fit into the enormous Asian market was a wise choice, as well as making partners with a giant big as Yggdrasil.

They have almost all the necessary pieces together to make a whole picture.

Keep on the good work!