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    Microgaming has produced games based on a variety of themes for a long time, and the fact that they've used Chinese themes in the past hasn't kept them from producing Lucky Twins, an online slot that uses a related Chinese theme. In fact, this game could be considered somewhat of a sequel in spirit to their Lucky Zodiac slot, and that's interesting since it starts to develop a bit of a mini-series of titles. This is something that this company has done before on more than one occasion, so it wouldn't be surprising to see a third or fourth in this line of games coming at some point.

    Game Layout

    The format used for Lucky Twins is a bit atypical in that it's an older video slot format that hasn't been used that much in the modern era. This title uses five reels and three rows, which is normal enough, but the fact that it has nine paylines is interesting since that's fewer than you hardly ever see from a video slot today. Microgaming has definitely had success with this format before with titles like Thunderstruck, and the high hit-rate in this game is set up to somewhat compensate for the lack of action that comes from having so few paylines.

    In terms of bet sizing, games with just nine paylines tend to have higher minimum coin sizes than games with more just because the correlates to the same size of bets per spin. For example, a $0.05 coin on a nine-payline game gives a $0.45 minimum cost per spin, which is close to the $0.50 you'd get with $0.01 coins and 50 paylines. With the bet sizes available in this game, you'll have fitting options, no matter if you're a high roller or a penny player.

    We want to point out that this game pays left-to-right only. Some games with only nine or ten paylines pay both ways, but this one does not, and it's important to realize that so that you don't think you're missing out on wins that you aren't actually supposed to be paid.

    High-End Symbols

    The Chinese theme is handled very well on the reels with a great set of symbols that are particularly fitting. Gold nuggets, firecrackers, decorative bags, decorative lanterns, the lucky Meneki Neko cat and plenty of other symbols show up on the reels. The graphical style of these symbols isn't quite 3D in the sense of rendered 3D graphics like those in games from companies like BetSoft, but they are of a very high quality. The Lucky Twins symbol is also a wild, and it shows up on all five reels.

    Low-End Symbols

    Many games use the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols for their low-paying symbols. In many of these slot reviews we have put together before, we've often looked down on software companies for using these symbols since it can come across as a very lazy way of handling the symbol set on a game. However, in this particular game, it's very fitting because they are stylized in a way that makes them fit in with the theme in a great way. They also show up in five distinct colors, so they don't just run together with each other and make it difficult to tell where the winning combinations are.

    Bonus Features

    The main bonus feature of this game is a free spins feature that's based on getting three or more of the scatters. The scatter is the symbol with the two twins that the name of the game is based on. Three or more of these, and you get a set of 10 free spins. These free spins are given random multipliers, and this means that they're actually worth a lot more than you would think for just getting 10 free spins. If you get lucky during this feature, then you could run up some pretty massive payouts.


    The graphics and visual approach for the Lucky Twins slot are well above-average. The free spins bonus feature packs a ton of value, and the payout table is fairly balanced. This is a game that is solid all-around, and it's a great title for people who love Asian cultures. Overall, Microgaming has done a good job in creating another game in this series, and we wouldn't be surprised if they staged future releases based on the same lucky theme as this game and the Lucky Zodiac slot.