• NoLimitCity Casinos

    Nolimit City first launched in 2013, and they have their license to operate in Malta. They have their headquarters in Malta for licensing purposes, but they also hold offices in Stockholm, Sweden. The focus of this software provider is to give operators a very customized set of games that are very flexible in terms of fitting in with promotions, achievement systems and other types of activities that you don't see operators able to hold that often because of a lack of relevant, cohesive systems.

    Software Philosophy

    A large part of this provider's work is centered around thinking to the future. In particular, they're very big on using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash, which is great because the industry seems to be shifting to this new platform. Many browsers have started phasing out Flash because of the seemingly endless security issues, and HTML5 has quickly become the new standard. By developing their games in this platform instead, they are future-proofing themselves for at least the next few decades, and they are able to offer very high-quality experiences to players in terms of graphical quality and game performance.

    Game Selection

    Nolimit City has a limited game selection based primarily around mobile online slots and lottery games. The games that they do have are of a very high quality, and they definitely have a quality-over-quantity approach. This is indicative of how they are generally a small operation filled with people who have a lot of experience in the industry, so it's natural that they would produce fewer titles that are simultaneously great games.

    This approach also fits in with the current paradigm of operators taking games from several different providers and platforms and fitting them together to offer up a huge selection of games. In this way, their lack of quantity does not really work against them at all.

    Operator-Centric Focus

    One of the things that this company does differently than the competition is that they focus on the needs of individual operators instead of trying to provide a "one size fits all" solution with their games. They do a lot of work with operators in terms of being able to offer custom promotions that include in-game elements that have to be specifically included along those lines. It's a really cool way to move the industry forward, and they're one of the only companies that has this idea as a main focus of their operations.

    As a result of this focus, they've been able to acquire a limited number of very high-end operators. Instead of going for quantity of operators, like most software providers in the industry, Nolimit City has been pushing for quality. This includes functionality for mobile casino software and integration with existing systems, which makes things as easy as possible on operators, who often have to contend with integrating systems that don't necessarily play well together.