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    When a company consistently does something really well, players naturally become a fan of their body of work as a whole. This is the case with Nolimit City when it comes to their video slot selection that's centered around a mobile experience. Their offices are located in one of the real hotbeds of the industry in Malta, and they've been producing titles since they first launched in 2013.

    A Focus on Mobile

    The mobile offering is the key component of what this developer focuses on and is known for. They aren't playing around when it comes to making sure that people with all kinds of different devices can get in on the action. This is why their games fit well on both tablets and smartphones, without having to launch different versions of the game, and they are also compatible with most modern operating systems. This list includes everything from iOS and Android to Blackberry, Windows Phone and others. The level of compatibility here for mobile devices is taken very seriously.

    Games Produced in HTML5

    HTML5 is where it's at in the online casino industry no matter if you're a player, an operator or a software provider. It's the new thing and the current standard at the same time after it has all but completely replaced Adobe Flash. We say "all but" because there are still some companies who are holding onto the past, but they're falling by the wayside.

    Nolimit City is well aware of this, and that's why they've been creating all of their games in HTML5 since the very beginning. The big advantage here is that you get to play the same versions of the games on tablets, smartphones and desktops, so there aren't any issues with different versions of the game having different payouts or a different feel to it like what you would see before HTML5 became the standard.

    Business Decisions and Distribution

    Because of the way the online casino software industry is structured in the modern era, you don't really have to worry that much about being able to get opportunities to get your games in front of players if you're putting out a quality product that's as good as the titles we're seeing from Nolimit City. This has helped them to get a distribution deal through the SoftGamings platform, and that puts them in a number of popular casinos.


    The real thing about this casino game developer that you have to keep in mind is that they put quality above everything else, except maybe compatibility. They want all of their players to enjoy what they play every single time they play it, and that means really bringing it when it comes to how their games look and what the play is like, which is something that's definitely been a winning combination for them.

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