• Felix Gaming Casinos

    In the online casino industry, there are all kinds of different software companies. Because of the nature of the industry as a whole, you'll find huge, multi-national corporations on one side of the software spectrum, and on the other end, you have companies like Felix Gaming. This is a very small company with virtually no online presence who came on the scene in early 2017, so it's extremely difficult to actually find out anything about them beyond the games they have available.

    Exclusive Content Distribution Deals

    One of the things that really stands out about this company is that, at the time of this writing, they have an extremely limited set of content distribution deals. While that might initially seem kind of off-putting, the casinos they do have deals with are extremely popular and reputable like SlotsMillion, so it's hard to find fault in the quality of the operators they are working with. This creates more of an "exclusive" feel to their games instead of a "limited" one, which will definitely help them as they expand and add new titles.

    Online Slot Quality

    For now, this company has stuck exclusively to online slots with a focus on five-reel video slots. Mr. Luck, Pharaoh's Temple, Lines of Magic and Fruity Mania are all games that they have produced, and they've shown that they are capable of making titles in a variety of different themes and graphical spaces. They seem to lean in the direction of low-volatility games with a high hit-rate, which is a popular genre in the larger industry, so that could easily be a move that pays off for them in a major way.

    The Nature of Their Weaknesses

    The major weakness of this company is that no one really knows anything about them. They've not put themselves out there in a way that other operators and companies in the industry could easily contact them, and that is definitely something that could limit their growth until it's fixed. Something as simple as a basic social media presence would help them in this area quite a bit, but for whatever reason, they haven't gotten around to that so far. We would really like to know more about this company, but that information just isn't available.


    The graphical qualities of their games are fairly strong, and though they aren't necessarily going to win any awards, they're definitely easy on the eyes. The games often become animated when you hit winning combinations, and they're presented in a way that makes it easy to get immersed in what you're playing. The downside for this company isn't so much their games as how they handle themselves as a business, but when it comes to their association with and distribution through major operators, there's no way to deny that they are rubbing shoulders with some big names.