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    Spanish Blackjack Gold by Microgaming features several twists on the game of blackjack, from re-doubling down to late surrender to a bonus game with payouts up to $5000. And if that’s not all, there is something to be said about a game played without any #10 cards that still gives players plenty of ways to win.

    As far as rules go, Spanish Blackjack Gold is pretty double down friendly, and it doesn’t shy away from the splitting opportunities either. Here’s a basic breakdown of the rules:

    • The Dealer is forced to hit a soft 17 and will peek on all 10-value cards as well as Aces to check for blackjack.
    • Player is given the advantage on Blackjack ties and “21” ties.
    • You may double down on any number of cards and after a split (including Aces). You’re even allowed to re-double down, and surrender after doubling down.
    • Splitting is also easily done and can occur three times per hand (to make a four hand total). Aces can be re-split, and all 10-value cards are considered equal.

    Spanish Blackjack Gold is played with eight decks.

    Like a side bet without the additional wager, the bonus game in Spanish Blackjack Gold is all about the different ways to get to a 21-point total:

    • Hand totals of “21” with 5 cards pays out 3:2; with 6 cards, it’s 2:1
    • If you can total “21” with 7 or more cards, your payout is 3 to 1 (and you have my utmost respect).
    • Combinations of 7-7-7 or 6-7-8 will pay out 3:2, doubled if you can get it in the same suit, tripled if you can do it in all Spades.

    Microgaming will up the ante even more if your 7-7-7 combination is coupled with a 7 in the Dealer’s hand—up to $5000.

    Spanish Blackjack Gold has a table wager range of 1 to 500 credits.

    Four versions of Spanish Blackjack await you at the following Microgaming casinos.