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    There’s really nothing like takin’ it to the Strip for some good time entertainment. Microgaming does it best with their Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack as they take their wildly addictive single-hand game up several notches (and several hands).

    Like the single-hand version of the game, Multi-Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack uses four 52-card decks that are shuffled at the commencement of each game.

    The number of decks affects your strategy, so make sure you update your strategy cards (or the customizable strategy table that Microgaming provides in their “Expert Mode”).

    This game does not stray far from Microgaming’s general rules. Aces can only be split once with only one card given to each before you are required to stand. Splitting other cards is allowed and can be done up to three times.

    If you feel like wagering a bit more once the cards have hit the table, you can double down on any two initial cards, except those that instantly award a blackjack (and hey, wouldn’t have that been nice).

    If you’ve split your Aces, you can also double down on that duo, too. Remember, your double down wager is equal to your initial bet, so make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew twice.

    On the other hand, if you feel you’ve wagered more than you bargained for when the dealer shows an Ace or 10-value card, you can take out insurance in order to save a bit of your wager.

    Just remember you’ll lose your original bet and the insurance bet if you turn out to be wrong. Insurance is decidedly house-advantaged and isn’t usually recommended.

    Table limits generally start at 1 credit and go to 500 credits.

    Whether you play Vegas Strip Blackjack in its single-hand and multi-hand versions, you’ll find them both to be approachable, entertaining, and at the well-researched casinos below.