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    Ever felt so confident of a winning streak that you’d put money on it? Now you can with High Streak Blackjack Gold from Microgaming-a two-deck European blackjack game that lets you wager on how many blackjack games you can win in a row.

    Here’s how it works. Prior to the dealing of the cards you place your usual wager in the betting square. You will also place a bet in the High Streak Bet circle (keep in mind that this side bet is optional, but I would guess you’d pick a different game if you didn’t want to wager a little on the side).

    In this game, you are always betting that you’re going to beat the dealer-which is pretty much what you do normally, only this time the side wager is that you are going to win and then keep on beating the Dealer.

    With every win the chip moves to the right, and the payout odds increase with each circle. Ties do not impact the side bet since no actual “loss” occurred. If you keep “rebetting”, a side bet train will develop.

    If you are winning, but do not wish to keep funding the side bet with new chips, stop placing chips in the High Streak Bet circle.

    Expert Mode is available, so you can set up your strategy table and autoplay if you so desire. Since this game is only available in the Gold edition, your rules and payouts are easily accessible with mouse-over menus at the top of the table.

    Your payout odds are also below each Streak circle for your reference.

    Table limits on High Streak Blackjack Gold are set at 200 credits, with chip denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 25.